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Advent Calendar 2004

December 25

Virgin and Child, by Luca Cambiaso
Article by Joseph Phelan
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Luca Cambiaso: Virgin and Child It seems there are always new visions to enchant us. In the course of preparing this Advent Calender I have usually picked paintings which are classic representations of their theme. I came across painters whom I had never heard of and paintings which I had never seen.

Such a case is Luca Cambiaso and his Madonna. Luca is a little-known fresco artist from Genoa whose work seems to be very rare, both online and in museums. This lovely Virgin and Child is striking for so many reasons: it seems so fresh, so modern compared to most of the other Madonnas we known. It perfectly captures the love, tenderness and bittersweet quality of Mary's feelings for her baby.

The End.

Merry Christmas!


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