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Chesley Awards and Nominations
Bob Eggleton (1960-)

The Chesley Award is presented each year by the
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

2013NomineeBest Interior IllustrationTarzan of the Apes, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
2013NomineeBest Cover Illustration - MagazineFamous Masters of Filmland #262
2013NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverGods of Opar, by Philip Josť Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey
2011NomineeBest Product IllustrationDragon's Domain: The Ultimate Dragon Painting Workshop
2010NomineeBest Cover Illustration - Magazine
2010NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverDragon's Ring
2009NomineeBest Cover Illustration - Magazine
2008NomineeCover Illustration, HardcoverThe Taint and Other Novellas
2008NomineeCover Illustration, MagazineAnalog, October 2007
2008NomineeColor Work, UnpublishedCthulthu's Domain
2006NomineeCover Illustration, HardcoverThe House of Cthulhu
2006NomineeCover Illustration, MagazineAnalog, July/August 2005
2004WinnerBest Cover Illustrations - MagazineFantasy and Science Fiction, July 2003
2003NomineeBest Interior IllustrationDragonhenge
2003NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookResurgence
2002NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAnalog, July/August '01
2002NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookForge of the Elders
2002NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Dragon Society
2001NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineSue (Chicon 2000 Program)
2001NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookDarkness Descending
2000NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookDragon and Phoenix
2000NomineeBest Monochrome Work: UnpublishedDragonhenge
2000NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedDragonstorm
2000WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineFantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, August 1999
2000NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookRainbow Mars
1999NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedRage & Despair
1999NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Last Dragon Lorg
1999NomineeBest Interior IllustrationThe Book of Sea Monsters
1999WinnerAward for Artistic Achievement-
1999WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
1998NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAnalog, October 97
1998WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Howling Stones
1997WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineFantasy and Science Fiction, May 1996
1996NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookCthulhu 2000
1996WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAnalog, Jan 1995
1996NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineMarion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Summer 1995
1996NomineeBest Interior IllustrationHero (Asimov's, Jan. 1995)
1996NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
1995Winner (tie)Best Cover Illustration: MagazineAsimov's, Aug. 1994
1994WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookDragans
1994NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedOrcaurora
1993NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineWeird Tales, Summer 1992
1991NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookQueen of Angels
1991WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAboriginal SF, Jan 1990
1990NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAmazing Stories, Mar 1989
1989NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookNecroscope
1989WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAsimov's, Jul 1988
1989NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAmazing Stories, Sep 1988
1988NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Manse
1987WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAsimov's, Jan 1987
1985NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-

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