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Chesley Awards and Nominations
Donato Giancola (1967-)

The Chesley Award is presented each year by the
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

2014NomineeBest Color Work - UnpublishedHuor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin
2013NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverRange of Ghosts, by Elizabeth Bear
2013NomineeBest Color Work - UnpublishedJoan of Arc
2011WinnerBest Interior IllustrationMiddle-Earth: Visions of a Modern Myth
2011NomineeBest Product IllustrationSt. George and the Dragon
2009NomineeBest Color Work - UnpublishedProgeny
2009WinnerBest Interior IllustrationThe Wraith
2009WinnerBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverA Book of Wizards
2008WinnerCover Illustration, HardcoverThe Outback Stars
2008WinnerCover Illustration, PaperbackCrystal Dragon
2008WinnerColor Work, UnpublishedRed Sonja
2008WinnerMonochrome Work, UnpublishedSeason of Change
2008WinnerGaming-Related IllustrationVanguard: Saga of Heroes
2007NomineeCover Illustration, HardcoverThe Thirteenth House
2007NomineeColor Work, UnpublishedTristan and Isolde
2007WinnerMonochrome Work, UnpublishedRed Sonya
2006WinnerCover Illustration, MagazineAsimov's, September 2005
2006NomineeColor Work, UnpublishedBoromir in the White Mountains
2005WinnerBest Cover Illustration - Hardback BooksThe Nameless Day
2004WinnerBest Cover Illustrations - Hardback BooksCity
2004NomineeBest Cover Illustrations - MagazineDragon #307, May 2003
2004NomineeBest Color Work - UnpublishedGandalf
2004NomineeBest Gaming-Related Illustration"Sword of Kaldra" (card art for Mirrodin)
2002WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookAshling
2002WinnerBest Gaming-Related IllustrationShivan Dragon (Magic: Seventh Edition,)
2002WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Hobbit
2002WinnerAward for Artistic Achievement-
2001NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookCarthage Ascendant: The Book of Ash #2
2001WinnerBest Product IllustrationDracopaleontology
2001NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookLord of the Rings
2000NomineeBest Gaming-Related IllustrationIvy Scholar, card art for Magic: the Gathering
1999NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookFive Worlds #3: Return
1999WinnerBest Product IllustrationArchangel (Magic card package)
1999NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookIcefalcon's Quest
1997WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookEggheads
1996NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookLethe

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