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Chesley Awards and Nominations
John Jude Palencar

The Chesley Award is presented each year by the
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

2014NomineeBest Interior IllustrationA Terror, by Jeffrey Ford
2013NomineeBest Cover Illustration - PaperbackThe Palencar Project
2008NomineeCover Illustration, HardcoverFatal Revenant
2007WinnerAward for Artistic Achievement-
2006NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
2006NomineeCover Illustration, PaperbackTrader
2005NomineeBest Cover Illustration - Paperback BooksThe Wild Reel
2004NomineeBest Cover Illustrations - Paperback BooksHidden Warrior
2002NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Bone Doll's Twin
2001NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
2001WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookForests of the Heart
(A remarkable work that appears to have
been inspired by The Evil Mothers,
by Giovanni Segantini)
2000WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Terrorists of Irustan
1999WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookTales of the Cthulhu Mythos
1999NomineeBest Product IllustrationThe Truth About Myths and Monsters
1999NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedStorm Worship/The Storm Twins
1998NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
1998NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookJovah's Angel
1998NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookLady Of Avalon

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