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Chesley Awards and Nominations
Michael Whelan (1950-)

The Chesley Award is presented each year by the
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

2014NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverA Memory of Light, by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
2012NomineeBest Product IllustrationGift from the Sea
2011WinnerBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverThe Way of Kings
2010NomineeBest Interior IllustrationThe Little Sisters of Eluria
2010NomineeBest Color Work - UnpublishedLumen 5
2009NomineeBest Color Work - UnpublishedThe Seawall
2008NomineeColor Work, UnpublishedRising
2007NomineeColor Work, UnpublishedRetrospection
2004WinnerBest Color Work - UnpublishedShe
2003NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedBean Stalk
2003NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookSorcery Rising
2002NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedLumen 6.2
2002NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookOtherland: Sea of Silver Light
2001WinnerBest Color Work: UnpublishedReach
2001NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookTangled Up In Blue
2000WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookOtherland: Mountain of Black Glass
2000NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedPeace
1999NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookOtherland: River of Blue Fire
1998NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Mageborn Traitor
1997WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Golden Key
1997NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookRoyal Assassin
1997NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedLumen 4
1996NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookInvader
1996NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedMalthusian Wave
1995NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookForeigner
1994NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedThe Leavetaking
1994NomineeBest Monochrome Work: UnpublishedThe Apotheosis of War
1994NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
1993NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookIllusion
1993WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineAsimov's, Nov 1992
1993NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedSubterraneans
1992WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Summer Queen
1992NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookAll the Weyrs of Pern
1992WinnerBest Monochrome Work: UnpublishedStudy for All the Weyrs of Pern
1991Winner (tie)Best Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Madness Season
1991NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Martian Chronicles
1991WinnerAward for Artistic Achievement-
1990NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookParadise
1990NomineeBest Color Work: UnpublishedPassage the Red Step
1989NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookCatspaw
1989NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
1988NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookBeing a Green Mother
1988NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookIn Conquest Born
1988NomineeAward for Artistic Achievement-
1987WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Cat Who Walked Through Walls
1987Winner (tie)Best Color Work: UnpublishedSentinels
1985WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Integral Trees
1985NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookChanur's Venture
1985NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Final Encyclopedia
1985NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookJob: A Comedy of Justice
1985NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookChanur's Venture
1985NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookElric at the End of Time

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