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Chesley Awards and Nominations
Todd Lockwood

The Chesley Award is presented each year by the
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA).

2014NomineeBest Gaming-Related IllustrationObservant Alseid (Magic: The Gathering)
2014NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverA Natural History of Dragons, by Marie Brennan
2013WinnerBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverThe Wild Road, by Jennifer Roberson
2013NomineeBest Cover Illustration - PaperbackThe Dusk Watchman, by Tom Lloyd
2011NomineeBest Cover Illustration - PaperbackThe Ragged Man
2010NomineeBest Gaming-Related IllustrationKalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet
2010NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverA Magic of Nightfall
2009NomineeBest Cover Illustration - PaperbackThe Stormcaller
2009NomineeBest Cover Illustration - HardcoverQuofum
2008NomineeCover Illustration, HardcoverThe Orc King
2008WinnerProduct IllustrationWar of Angels
2007NomineeCover Illustration, HardcoverTemeraire: In the Service of the King
2007WinnerGaming-Related IllustrationDragons of Faerun
2005NomineeBest Cover Illustration - Hardback BooksGlass Dragons
2004WinnerAward for Artistic Achievement-
2004NomineeBest Cover Illustrations - Hardback BooksTransitions: The Artwork of Todd Lockwood
2004WinnerBest Cover Illustrations - Paperback BooksTangled Webs
2004WinnerBest Interior IllustrationCrossing into Empire (Realms of Fantasy, June 2003)
2004WinnerBest Gaming-Related IllustrationDraconomicon (Dungeons & Dragons)
2003WinnerBest Gaming-Related IllustrationSpider Queen (Forgotten Realms supplement)
2003WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineDragon Magazine, December 2002
2003WinnerBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Thousand Orcs
2002NomineeBest Gaming-Related IllustrationLord of the Iron Fortress (Dungeons & Dragons)
2002NomineeBest Cover Illustration: MagazineDragon, June 2001
2001WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineDragon, July 2000
2001NomineeBest Product IllustrationRedgar (Wizards of the Coast)
2001NomineeBest Gaming-Related IllustrationForge of Fury (Dungeons & Dragons)
2000NomineeBest Gaming-Related IllustrationCreatures of the Night, Golems
2000NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Hardback BookThe Spine of the World
1999WinnerBest Product IllustrationDragonlance Classics
1999NomineeBest Product IllustrationDragonlance 5th Age Calendar
1998WinnerBest Cover Illustration: MagazineDragon, August 1997
1998NomineeBest Interior Illustration"On the Inside"
1998NomineeBest Cover Illustration: Paperback BookThe Wayward Knights
1997WinnerBest Interior IllustrationRealms of Fantasy, June 1995

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