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The Passion of Christ
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                  Matteo Felice: The Stages of the Passion of Christ
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Duccio's Maestà, 1308-11   (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Siena, Italy)
Stories from the Passion I
          Overview of the Stories of the Passion
          Entry into Jerusalem
          Washing of the Feet
          Last Supper
          Christ Taking Leave of the Apostles
          Pact of Judas
          Agony in the Garden
          Christ Taken Prisoner
          Christ before Annas
and Peter Denying Jesus
Stories from the Passion II
          Christ Before Caiaphas
          Christ Mocked
          Christ Accused by the Pharisees
          Pilate's First Interrogation of Christ
          Christ Before Herod
          Christ Before Pilate Again
          Crown of Thorns
Stories from the Passion III
          Pilate Washing his Hands
          Way to Calvary
          The Three Marys at the Tomb
          Descent to Hell
          Noli Me Tangere
          Road to Emmaus
Guide to the other sections of the Maestà
Christ's Entry into Jerusalem
Thuison Altarpiece Master 1400s State Hermitage Museum, Russia
James Ensor 1888 J. Paul Getty Museum
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Christ Washing the Feet of the Disciples
Tintoretto 1547 Prado Museum, Madrid  Ford Madox Brown
Tintoretto 1556 National Gallery, London
Ford Madox Brown 1848-49 CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Last Supper
Jaume Huguet 1450 CGFA   Domenico Ghirlandaio

Leonardo da Vinci   Dieric Bouts the Elder
Dieric Bouts 1467 CGFA
Leonardo da Vinci 1495-98 CGFA
Leonardo da Vinci (study) 1495-98 CGFA
Jacopo Bassano 1542 Galleria Borghese, Rome
Bernaert van Orley 1500s Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tintoretto 1500s Artcyclopedia
Tintoretto 1592-94 GRIS Net
Rembrandt van Rijn 163435 Metropolitan Museum of Art
Philippe de Champaigne 1600s CGFA
Sebastiano Ricci 1713-14 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Agony in the Garden
Giovanni Bellini 1459 CGFA  Heinrich Hofmann
Andrea Mantegna 1460 National Gallery, London
Ambrogio Bergognone 1501 National Gallery, London
Pieter Coecke van Aelst 1527-30 State Hermitage Museum, Russia
El Greco 1595 CGFA
Giovanni Battista Caracciolo 1615 CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Kiss of Judas & the Arrest
Hieronymus Bosch   CGFA
Albrecht Dürer 1508 FAMSF
Caravaggio 1602 National Gallery of Art, Washington
Sir Anthony Van Dyck 1618 Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Christ's Trial before the High Priest Caiaphas
Giovanni Battista Caracciolo 1600s CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Peter's Three Denials
Simon Bening 1525-30 J. Paul Getty Museum
Gerrit van Honthorst 1620-25 Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Christ before the Roman Governor Pilate
Mattia Preti 1663 CGFA
Mihály Munkácsy 1880 CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Christ Scourged, or the Flagellation
Jaume Huguet 1450 CGFA
Piero della Francesca 1453 CGFA
Moderno 1510 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Moderno 1577-79 Web Gallery of Art
Caravaggio   CGFA
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1600s Krannert Art Museum
Christ Crowned with Thorns/The Mocking of Christ
Fra Angelico 1400s Christus Rex
Hieronymus Bosch   CGFA
Hieronymus Bosch   CGFA
Matthias Grünewald 1503 CGFA
Dürer   SILS Art Image Browser
Correggio 1500s CGFA
Titian 1570 CGFA
Rembrandt 1655 Saint Louis Art Museum
Nicolaes Maes 1650s State Hermitage Museum, Russia
Antoine Plamondon 1839 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Édouard Manet 1865 Art Institute of Chicago
Various artists ("ecce homo")   Web Gallery of Art
Various artists ("mocking")   Web Gallery of Art
Various artists ("thorns")   Web Gallery of Art
Christ Carrying the Cross
Simone Martini 1336 Le Louvre, Paris  Simone Martini   Giovani Bellini
Jacquemart de Hesdin 1409 CGFA
Martin Schongauer 1475-80 Metropolitan Museum of Art
Hieronymus Bosch 1480-90 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Hieronymus Bosch   CGFA
Raphael 1517 Prado Museum, Madrid
Michelangelo 1500s CGFA
Tintoretto 1500s E.G. Bührle Collection, Zurich
El Greco 1580s Metropolitan Museum of Art
Alonso Cano 1635-37 Worcester Art Museum
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Crucifixion
Wiener Meister 1330 E.G. Bührle Collection, Zurich  illumunated manuscript   Matthias Grunewald

Pietro Perugino   Henri Bekkecgise

Ugolino Lorenzetti 1300s CGFA
Antonio Fiorentino 1300s CGFA
Agnolo Gaddi 1390-96 CGFA
Master of the Berswordt Altar 1400 CGFA
Jan van Eyck 1425-30 CGFA
Master of the Tegernsee Passion 1440-45 CGFA
Rogier van der Weyden 1445 CGFA
Andrea Mantegna 1456-59 CGFA
Master of Jánosrét 1480 CGFA
Pietro Perugino 1485 CGFA
Raphael 1502 CGFA
Lucas Cranach the Elder 1503 CGFA
Matthias Grünewald 1510-15 CGFA
Joos van Cleve 1525 CGFA
Lucas Cranach the Elder 1536 CGFA
Luca Signorelli   CGFA
Francisco Ribalta 1582 State Hermitage Museum, Russia
El Greco 1585-90 Le Louvre, Paris
Rubens 1620-21 CGFA
Diego Velázquez 1632 CGFA
Hendrick Terbrugghen 1600s CGFA
Marc Chagall 1938 CGFA
Georges Rouault 1939 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Francis Bacon 1950 Francis Bacon Image Gallery
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Deposition, or Descent from the Cross
Rogier van der Weyden 1435 Prado Museum, Madrid
Fra Angelico 1443 CGFA
St. Bartholomew Altarpiece Master 1501-05 Le Louvre, Paris
Raphael 1507 Galleria Borghese, Rome
Francesco Bacchiacca 1517-18 Virtual Uffizi
Mabuse 1520 State Hermitage Museum, Russia
Quentin Massys 1520 Blaffer Foundation
School of Jean Goujon 1550-60 CGFA
Bronzino 1500s CGFA
Correggio 1500s CGFA
Pontormo 1500s CGFA
Rosso Fiorentino 1500s CGFA
Caravaggio 1600 Polish National Museum
Peter Paul Rubens 1602 Galleria Borghese, Rome
Caravaggio 1604 CGFA
Rubens 1612 CGFA
Rembrandt 1633 CGFA
Rembrandt 1634 Christus Rex
Jean Jouvenet 1697 CGFA
Graham Sutherland 1946 Methodist Church of Great Britain
Various artists ("deposition")   Web Gallery of Art
Various artists ("descent")   Web Gallery of Art
The Pietà
Rogier van der Weyden 1400s CGFA  Simon Marmion
Enguerrand Quarton 1456-57 CGFA
Cosmè Tura 1475 CGFA
Giovanni Bellini 1470s CGFA
Cosmè Tura 1480 Le Louvre, Paris
Botticelli 1495-1500 CGFA
Michelangelo 1499 CGFA
Michelangelo 1500s CGFA
Andrea del Sarto 1519-20 CGFA
Bronzino 1500s CGFA
Giovanni Bellini   CGFA
Moretto da Brescia 1520s CGFA
Rosso Fiorentino 1530-35 Le Louvre, Paris
Paolo Veronese 1576-82 CGFA
Francesco Solimena 1600s Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Rome
The Lamentation
Giottino 1360-65 Artcyclopedia
Fra Angelico 1436 CGFA
Hans Memling 1400s Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Rome
Jaume Huguet 1400s CGFA
Rogier van der Weyden 1450 Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery
Rogier van der Weyden 1450 CGFA
Petrus Christus 1450 Metropolitan Museum of Art
St. Lucy Legend Master 1493-1501 Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Giovanni Bellini 1500 CGFA
Albrecht Dürer 1500-03 CGFA
Joos van Cleve 1500s CGFA
Luca Signorelli   CGFA
Sebastiano Del Piombo 1516 State Hermitage Museum, Russia
Wolfgang Huber 1524 CGFA
Lucas Cranach the Elder 1538 CGFA
Pieter Candid 1585-86 National Gallery of Victoria
Agostino Carracci 1586 State Hermitage Museum, Russia
Annibale Carracci 1603-04 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Peter Paul Rubens 1605 Cummer Museum of Art
Jacques Bellange 1615-17 State Hermitage Museum, Russia
Alessandro Turchi 1600s Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Entombment
Fra Angelico 1440-42 CGFA
Michelangelo Buonarroti 1500-01 National Gallery, London
Andrea Mantegna   CGFA
Hieronymus Bosch 1507 CGFA
Albrecht Altdorfer 1518 CGFA
Raphael 1500s CGFA
Titian 1525 Le Louvre, Paris
Titian 1576 CGFA
Peter Paul Rubens 1612 J. Paul Getty Museum
Philippe de Champaigne 1600s CGFA
Jean-Jacques Henner 1879 CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Resurrection
Fra Angelico 1400s Christus Rex
Giovanni Dal Ponte 1400s Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Matthias Grünewald 1510-15 CGFA
Albrecht Altdorfer 1518 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Germain Pilon 1500s Le Louvre, Paris
El Greco 1584-94 CGFA
Edward Burne-Jones 1882 CGFA
Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not)
Fra Angelico 1400s Web Gallery of Art
Bronzino 1500s CGFA
Bronzino 1500s CGFA
Titian 1511-12 CGFA
Correggio 1525 CGFA
Giovanni Battista Franco 1537 Dayton Art Institute
Rembrandt 1638 CGFA
Maurice Denis 1895-96 CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Road to Emmaus/Supper at Emmaus
Pontormo 1530 CGFA
Jacopo Bassano 1538 Kimbell Art Museum
Caravaggio 1601 National Gallery, London
Diego Velázquez 1620 CGFA
Joachim Wtewael   CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
Doubting Thomas
Caravaggio 1597 Artcyclopedia  Ravenna Mosaic
Luca Signorelli   CGFA
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art
The Ascension
Giotto 1305-13 CGFA
Hans Süss von Kulmbach 1500s Metropolitan Museum of Art
Various artists   Web Gallery of Art

Good sources in general of religious-themed fine art are Christus Rex and the Web Gallery of Art.