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Featured Online Exhibits

March, 1999

The Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery
For our second-ever exhibit feature, I want to spotlight one of the finest and deepest online exhibitions on the Internet - one which demonstrates how, on the Internet, a talented individual who hits the ground running can outdo the mightiest museums and the most deep-pocketed corporations.
The Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery is simply enormous, and it's hard to imagine there can be a more complete site about van Gogh - or any artist for that matter - on the Internet. At last count it consisted of 2,525 separate pages, and included reproductions (some in black and white) of every one of van Gogh's works: oils, watercolors, sketches and more.
You will also find, if you look not very hard, such major goodies as the complete correspondence of van Gogh, a complete list of the the known whereabouts of van Gogh's paintings, and even reproductions of postage stamps bearing van Gogh's work. There are also some nice touches such as displaying sketches alongside a link to the complete painting, and vice versa.
The creator of this site is a van Gogh nut named David Brooks, who lives in Toronto, Canada. David really does van Gogh justice by not simply slapping pictures up on his site, but by doing it right: he uses high-quality reproductions wherever possible, presents the artworks in a professional manner by listing the date of each work and its current location, and has them nicely categorized by medium and also by periods of van Gogh's life.
Click on the heading to visit the exhibit.
Or visit the Artcyclopedia entry for Vincent van Gogh to see a list of web sites where his work can be viewed.

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