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The Greatest Works of Art of Western Civilization
Thomas Hoving's personal choice of the
Greatest Works of Art of Western Civilization
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Ancient Art Through the Classical Era
Artist    Title of Work
    Date    Medium
Paleolithic          Venus of Willendorf
Museum of Natural History, Vienna

24,000 B.C.sculpture
EgyptianRahotep and his Wife, Nofret
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
There doesn't seem to be a great image online, but you can try this alternative or this one

2610 B.C.sculpture
EgyptianThe Sphinx
Giza, Egypt

2500 B.C.monument
SumerianGudea, King of Lagash
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

2100 B.C.sculpture
MinoanThe Harvester Vase
Archaeological Museum, Crete

1550 B.C.vase
EgyptianQueen Nofretiti (Nefertiti)
Agyptisches Museum, Berlin
Two additional views at the bottom of this page...

1365 B.C.sculpture
EgyptianBuy this poster at AllPostersGolden Mask of Tutankhamun
Egyptian Museum, Cairo

1323 B.C.sculpture
OlmecThe Great Olmec Head
Museo de Anthropologia, Xalapa, Mexico

1000 B.C.sculpture
EtruscanThe She-Wolf of Rome
Museo Capitolino, Rome

7th C. B.C.sculpture
AssyrianThe Lion Hunt of Assurbanipal
British Museum, London
Additional scenes from the lion hunt...

650 B.C.relief
EuphroniosThe Sarpedon Vase
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

515 B.C.vase
PhidiasThe Sculptures of the Parthenon
British Museum, London
Many images from the British museum...
Many images from another site about the Parthenon Marbles...

5th C. B.C.sculpture
National Archaeological Museum, Athens

5th C. B.C.sculpture
GreekGold Pectoral
Historical Museum, Kiev

4th C. B.C.gold
GreekThe Alexander Sarcophagus
Archaeological Museum of Istanbul
Detail of a battle scene

280-200 B.C.relief
GreekAltar of Pergamon
State Museum, Berlin
Casts from the Great Altar...

180 B.C.relief
RomanCameo of Emperor Augustus
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

10 A.D.cameo
RomanConstantine the Great
Musei Capitolini, Rome


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