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Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
[Flemish painter, 1577-1640]

Title: Portrait of a Chambermaid

Date: ca.1625
Medium: chalk drawing
Dimensions: -
Location: Albertina, Vienna

Image size: 830 x 1119 pixels, 222 Kbytes
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Peter Paul Rubens: Portrait of a Chambermaid

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This drawing is the cover of the Dover book 150 Masterpieces of Drawing.

Even more than with paintings and sculpture, I believe the Internet will eventually be a godsend for those of us who love pencil, ink and chalk drawings. That's because works on paper are so fragile and so vulnerable to the effects of light and oxygen that they cannot be put on display without damaging them. As a result, even the greatest works by the greatest artists can remain virtually unknown.

Follow-up: As of September 2006, the "Look Inside" feature for this book is no longer available.
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