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Artist: Vincent van Gogh
[Dutch painter, 1853-1890]

Title: Self-portrait (detail)

Date: 1889
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: this detail: approximately 7" x 7"
Location: Musée d'Orsay, Paris

Image size: 670 x 694 pixels, 122 Kbytes
Image source:
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Vincent van Gogh: Self-portrait

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This close-up image (on my screen van Gogh's face is larger than in the actual painting) is from the book Vincent Van Gogh: The Painter and the Portraits. As in the past several days, this image is taken from Amazon's remarkable "Look Inside" books feature.

It's worth comparing this scan to the full version of the painting which is displayed at the Webmuseum. It demonstrates how different scans of different photographs can result in a significant divergence in things like color tone and apparent surface texture. I spent five minutes with a photo-editing program before I was even convinced both scans were from the same painting.

Follow-up: As of September 2006, the "Look Inside" feature for this book is no longer available.

A poster of this painting is available at AllPosters.
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