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Artist: Neil Armstrong
American astronaut, born 1930

Title: Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

Date: 1969
Medium: Hasselblad 500EL color photograph
Dimensions: na
Location: NASA, History Division

Image size: 2349 x 2373 pixels, 1146 Kbytes
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Neil Armstrong: Buzz Aldrin on the Moon

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Most people probably have never considered this famous photograph in terms of being a work of art, but it is in fact a masterpiece of photojournalism - beautiful, distant, historically significant, and emotionally charged, even spiritual.

All of the moon photographs are extraordinary of course, but this one image encapsulates so much: the utter grayness of the moon; the crisp footprints that will remain for millions of years; the blackness and silence of space; the omnipresent American flag; the way that the astronaut himself has to be transformed into something that appears very nearly alien in order to survive on another world.

This photograph is found at Eric M. Jones' Apollo Lunar Surface Journal on the NASA website, an excellent resource documenting every detail of the Apollo moon walks.


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