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Artist: Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
[Italian painter, 1727-1804]

Title: Alexander the Great with the Women of Darius

Date: 1750-53
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 46 x 39 inches (117 x 98 cm)
Location: Detroit Institute of Arts, Michigan

Image size: 750 x 350 pixels (zoomable)
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Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo: Alexander the Great with the Women of Darius

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The DIA has upgraded their website with zoomable scans of hundreds of the works in their collections. The practical viewing area is less than 750 x 500 pixels, which is not enough in my opinion, but at least it's larger than what most museums with similar features offer.

I should note that the DIA has done a commendable job overall, and the works appear to be extremely well photographed and scanned.
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