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Artist: unknown artist

Title: Soldiers

Dimensions: -
Location: Statue Park, Budapest, Hungary

Image size: 2304 x 1536 pixels, 558 bytes
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unknown artist: Soldiers

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The website for this museum/graveyard of "gigantic memorials from the communist dictatorship" is doing some really interesting things. They provide some really large images of statues in their collection and give permission in advance for the use of the images to illustrate any material related to the Statue Park, but that's just for starters.

They also have visitors' pictures online: anyone can register and upload pictures they themselves have taken at the park. What a superb way for a museum to harness the same kind of energy that photo sharing galleries like Webshots and PBase and Flickr are built on. Even though it's not a well-known museum, they already have dozens of photos (of uneven quality, but most are quite good) supplementing the main gallery of images. It sure beats the traditional guestbook.
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