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Artist: Hippolyte Flandrin
[French painter, 1809-1864]

Title: Jeune homme nu au bord de la mer (Nude Youth Sitting by the Sea)

Date: 1836
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 39 x 45 inches (98 x 115 cm)
Location: Louvre Museum, Paris

Image size: 862 x 800 pixels, 388 Kbytes
Image source: Art Renewal Center
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Hippolyte Flandrin: Jeune homme nu au bord de la mer

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This painting is almost a companion piece to Bouguereau's painting that was featured yesterday (see the thumbnail image at left). Both are simple but timeless studies of nudes by the shore in almost identical thoughtful (and modest) poses. They're even painted to almost the same scale.

Yet Flandrin's painting predates Bouguereau's by almost 50 years.

Bouguereau may have been influenced by this painting, but this in turn echoes Oedipus Explaining the Enigma of the Sphinx, painted by Flandrin's teacher, J.A.D. Ingres.

A variety of prints of this work are available at AllPosters. The one below appears to have a good combination of image quality and price:
Jeune Homme Nu au Bord de la Mer
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