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Artist: Jack Kirby with Joe Sinnott
[American comic book illustrator, 1917-1994]

Title: cover for Fantastic Four #92

Date: 1969
Medium: pencil drawing
Dimensions: -

Image size: 1120 x 1659 pixels, 871 Kbytes
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Jack Kirby with Joe Sinnott: cover for Fantastic Four #92

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Jack Kirby was one of the great artists, probably the single most important artist, of the "Silver Age" of comic books (roughly 1956-1970). He is best known for drawing the influential Fantastic Four comic for its first hundred or so issues.

Given the enormous success of last year's The Incredibles, which was clearly inspired by the FF, and the recent release of the movie Fantastic Four, I thought I would share some artwork from the original comic book, which was my favorite as a teenager and which was unfairly eclipsed by titles such as Spider-Man and Superman.

Kirby was a master at depicting battle scenes - especially the senses-shattering moment of impact between two immense forces. This cover design is atypical -- even experimental -- in that it's a kind of a puzzle (why has The Thing become some kind of gladiator?), and the tension and action are merely hinted at by the small act of ripping a poster off a wall.

This cover would have been drawn out to a fairly finished degree by Kirby, and then "inked" (rendered from pencil into ink, clarifying the image in preparation for coloring and publication) by a specialist - in this case, Kirby's frequent collaborator at Marvel Comics, Joe Sinnott.
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