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Artist: Edward Gorey
[American writer and illustrator, 1925-2000]

Title: from The War of the Worlds

Date: published 1960
Medium: illustration
Dimensions: -

Image size: 800 x 1308 pixels, 418 Kbytes
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Edward Gorey: from The War of the Worlds

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Yesterday we covered The Fantastic Four; today why don't we look at an artist's take on another current movie, The War of the Worlds?

Edward Gorey (yes it's his real name) was a prolific author of fanciful books which are absurd, minimal, and with an atmosphere somewhere between eerie and ghoulish. He also worked with the PBS TV network and as a designer on Broadway, winning a Tony award for his costumes for a production of Dracula.

Little was known about his private life. He was widely assumed to be English (he was born in Chicago) and to have been deceased for some time (he didn't pass away until 2000). One author reports a priceless rumor that Gorey has two left hands. One known fact about his life, accepted as true by fact checkers for the Guardian newspaper anyway, is that Gorey attended every performance of the New York City ballet between 1957 and 1982.
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