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Artist: Barbara Kruger
[American artist, Born 1945]

Title: You Are The Perfect Crime

Date: 1984
Medium: photograph with text
Dimensions: 50 x 97 inches (126 x 247 cm)
Location: FRAC, Bourgogne, France

Image size: 980 x 490 pixels, 86 Kbytes
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Barbara Kruger: You Are The Perfect Crime

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Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist who creates mock propaganda consisting of photographs culled from the mass media superimposed with ironic and politically charged slogans.

Note that this work is so large (8 feet wide) that using the TrueSize option does not yield a very satisfactory result. You do get a sense of the size of the work, which is otherwise not obvious, but examining detail images is not that helpful in appreciating this kind of "word art".
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