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Artist: Akiyoshi Kitaoka
[Japanese professor of Psychology]

Title: 'Rotating Snakes' optical illusion

Date: 2003
Medium: .gif image
Dimensions: -
Location: Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages

Image size: 1024 x 768 pixels, 300 Kbytes
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Akiyoshi Kitaoka: 'Rotating Snakes' optical illusion

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This site is dotted with warnings such as "This image may be dangerous" and "Should you feel dizzy, you had better leave this page immediately". It's not quite that bad, but Akiyoshi's vibrating, scintillating and rotating images might leave you a little queasy.

This particular image contains a number of superimposed circular images, each of which gives the illusion that it is rotating. There's a link to an explanation of this phenomenon, known as peripheral drift illusion, at the bottom of the page.

Akiyoshi Kitaoka considers himself more a scientist than an artist, but a number of painters and graphic artists have used these same types of perceptual tricks to explore how the brain perceives and interprets images. See our page on Optical Art ("Op Art") for more information.
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