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Artist: Lee Lawrie
[American Art Deco sculptor, 1877-1963]

Title: Relief

Date: 1930s
Medium: architectural relief
Dimensions: -
Location: Rockefeller Center, New York City

Image size: 1280 x 905 pixels, 257 Kbytes
Image source: NYCJPG
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Lee Lawrie: Relief

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From Paris (see above left), we venture to New York and find a strangely similar image of a goddess accompanied by a winged horse. This work is at Rockefeller Center, where many of the great friezes and sculptures of New York can be found, but I cannot find other images of this work online, or even any references to it. The photographer has tentatively identified the artist as Lee Lawrie, but that may not be correct.

NYCJPG is a photograph-of-the-day site created by Mark Lentz. I'm not sure if it's still being updated regularly, but in the archives (if you can find them) there are dozens of great photos of public art and public spaces in New York.

P.S. I have figured out that this frieze is on 49th St. east of 5th Ave.

I was unable to find any other photo of or reference to this work whatsoever, but has an insanely cool new mapping feature that lets you stroll up and down city streets. The frieze can be plainly seen there. I wasn't able to bookmark or hyperlink right to this spot (hint hint, Amazon), so I hope they'll forgive me if I simply grab the image of how this sculpture appears in the street.
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