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Artist: Simone Martini
[Italian painter, 1285-1344]

Title: The Annunciation

Date: 1333
Medium: fresco
Dimensions: 104 x 120 inches (265 x 305 cm.)
Location: Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Image size: 1575 x 1159 pixels, 481 Kbytes
Image source: Christus Rex
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Simone Martini: The Annunciation

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"Ave gratia plena dominus tecum" ("Greetings most favored one! The Lord is with thee")

The representation of Gabriel's voice is interesting. His words are drawn in a straight line from his mouth to Mary's ear. She's visibly shrinking back from the angel, not sure what to expect from this encounter.

There's a similar Annunciation dating from slightly later at the Getty Museum, but overall it's interesting that "word balloons" of one type or another never really caught on, especially when you consider how universally they are used today in narrative art.
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