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Artist: Julian Opie
[British digital artist, Born 1958]

Title: Virginia, housewife 1

Date: 2000
Medium: vinyl on wooden stretcher
Dimensions: 76 x 60 inches (192 x 152 cm)
Location: Daros Exhibitions, Zurich, Switzerland

Image size: 814 x 945 pixels, 89 Kbytes
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Julian Opie: Virginia, housewife 1

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FUN FACT 1: Do you watch the Tommy Hilfiger reality show The Cut? (I do; I particularly love the moment in each show where his brain nearly explodes when he sees the monstrosities each design team has come up with.) If so, have you noticed that kicky animation of a man walking that they show as the contestants gather to find out who will be declared "out of style"? That's "Bruce Walking" by Julian Opie. You can see it and a variety of other pieces by Opie until October 15 2005 at City Hall Park in Manhattan. There's a small picture of it and some similar animations on Julian Opie's home page.

FUN FACT 2: The full version of Virginia (above) is actually a rather minimalistic animation, which can be downloaded as a large-format screensaver. Click here for "Virginia" and 3 other Julian Opie screen savers (look in the "Launcher" box at the top left)
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