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Artist: Domenico Ghirlandaio
[Italian painter, 1449-1494]

Title: Portrait of a Woman

Medium: tempera on wood panel
Dimensions: 23 x 17 inches (57 x 44 cm)
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Image size: 1066 x 1400 pixels, 254 Kbytes
Image source: Artcyclopedia
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Domenico Ghirlandaio: Portrait of a Woman

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In thumbnail size this is a fairly simple and unremarkable portrait, but when viewed up close the subtle contours of the subject's face, the sureness of her gaze, and the fine detail in her hair become apparent.

This is the reason why I've tracked down or put online over 200 MasterScan images by this point. We'll never get to the point where looking at a reproduction is as wholly satisfying as actually visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and gazing at the original. But in my opinion the best reproduction of its artworks is the best possible advertisement for a museum. It proves the quality of the museum's collection, is a great argument for the rewards and relevance of fine art as an artistic expression, and can inspire tourists to travel great distances specifically in order to experience the wonders of the museum first-hand.
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