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Artist: George Frederic Watts
[English painter and sculptor, 1817-1904]

Title: Head of Medusa

Medium: alabaster
Dimensions: -
Location: The Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey

Image size: 1600 x 1200 pixels, 312 Kbytes
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George Frederic Watts: Head of Medusa

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Scroll down for a variety of desktop wallpapers taken from Watts' artworks. The specific show that's being promoted is only on until October 31, so there's a chance they will be taken down shortly.

Note to museums: This is a great idea for promoting interest in a show. If you want people to look at a work of art -- really look at it, re-evaluate it, ponder on it -- then set it up as a convenient desktop wallpaper image. I'd bet that anyone motivated enough to download one of these images and use them for their PC background would also attend the exhibition in person, if at all possible.
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