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Artist: Franz Marc
[German painter, 1880-1916]

Title: The Fate of the Animals

Date: 1913
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 77 x 105 inches (195 x 266 cm)
Location: Kunstmuseum, Basel

Image size: 1080 x 794 pixels, 136 Kbytes
Image source: The Artchive
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Franz Marc: The Fate of the Animals

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Franz Marc loved animals, both wild and domestic. This huge painting (almost 9 feet wide), showing the destruction of the natural world due to logging and industrialization, is one of the few truly bleak works of his that I can recall.

It was painted on the eve of World War I, in which Marc would be killed. In 1915 he received a postcard depicting this same painting, and he wrote to his wife:
It is like a premonition of this war, horrible and gripping; I can hardly believe that I painted it!...It is artistically logical to paint such pictures before wars, not as dumb reminiscences afterward...
The Albright-Knox Gallery has another painting from that same tense prewar era, entitled The Wolves (Balkan War).
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