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Artist: Andre Andreani
[Italian printmaker, 1558-1629]

Title: The Captives

Date: 1598
Medium: chiaroscuro woodcut
Dimensions: 37 x 37 cm (15 x 15 inches)
Location: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, California

Image size: 1969 x 1931 pixels (at full zoom)
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Andre Andreani: The Captives

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The FAMSF website indicates that this is based on a work by Andrea Mantegna. It is actually taken from one of Mantagna's Triumph of Rome canvases, which are now located at Hampton Court Palace near London.

The captives appear to be civilian prisoners taken by the Roman army, presumably destined for a life of slavery. In Mantegna's series of paintings, they are among a procession of treasures, exotic animals and other spoils of war being paraded into Rome to demonstrate the greatness of Julius Caesar.

I haven't been able to find it illustrated online, but Mantegna's painting The Captives is in very poor condition. According to the Historic Royal Palaces website, it was left uncleaned when the rest of the series was restored several decades ago, due to the fact the "no original paint lay below the surface".
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