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Artist: Gustave Caillebotte
[French painter, 1848-1894]

Title: Paris Street; Rainy Day

Date: 1877
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 84 x 109 inches (212 x 276 cm)
Location: Art Institute of Chicago

Image size: 1200 x 1600 pixels, 217 Kbytes
Image source: Rasiel Wallpapers
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Gustave Caillebotte: Paris Street; Rainy Day

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This site has several of Caillebotte's paintings online, three of which are available in sizes all the way up to 1600x1200. Just click on the size image you want to see.

This nine-foot-wide painting was shown at the third Impressionist exhibition in 1877. Emile Zola, who had previously criticized Caillebotte for the "middle class" photographic realism of The Floor Strippers, was impressed by this piece and described the pedestrians in the foreground of this painting as representing "une belle vérité" ("a beautiful truth").

Paris, A Rainy Day
A poster of this painting is available at AllPosters.

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