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Artist: Will Eisner
[American comic artist, 1917-2005]

Title: Cover for The Spirit Archives, Vol. 2

Dimensions: published size 10.4 x 7.1 inches

Image size: 1040 x 685 pixels, 142 Kbytes
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Will Eisner: Cover for The Spirit Archives, Vol. 2

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The great Will Eisner passed away on January 3 2005. Possibly the most remarkable thing about his career is how far ahead of his time he was - inking graphic novels about an antihero, subverting superhero comic conventions, decades before mainstream audiences were ready for these concepts.

One excellent and unexpected source of high-quality online scans of his work is Their "look inside" feature has put thousands, if not tens of thousands, of extremely well scanned art images online -- not just cover art but also interior illustrations.

Follow-up: As of September 2006, the "Look Inside" feature for this book is no longer available.
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