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Artist: Julien Dupré
[French painter, 1851-1910]

Title: Glaneuses (Gleaners)

Date: 1880
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 37 x 51 inches (93 x 130 cm)
Location: private collection

Image size: 750 x 1089 pixels, 1120 Kbytes
Image source: Rehs Galleries, New York City
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Julien Dupré: Glaneuses

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Julien Dupré was one of the second generation of Realist painters in France. He painted humble subjects -- peasants tending farm animals and toiling in the fields -- and used a loose brushwork somewhat influenced by Impressionism; nonetheless his paintings possessed the same superb draughtsmanship and attention to detail that one would expect of a king's portrait.

Dupré was quite successful during his lifetime. His works were sought after and he was also a critical success, exhibiting successfully at the salons and being awarded several medals.
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