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Artist: Emile Munier
[French painter, 1840-1895]

Title: Portrait de Marie-Louise

Date: 1879
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 18 x 21 inches (45 x 53 cm)
Location: private collection

Image size: 750 x 897 pixels, 486 Kbytes
Image source: Rehs Galleries, New York City
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Emile Munier: Portrait de Marie-Louise

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This is an image from, which is a catalogue of works created by Rehs Galleries. Rehs is one of the few galleries who put great scans online. They even go the extra mile and use the Web to put exhibitions online and catalogues raissonés.

Munier was a friend and follower of Bouguereau. Many of his works are kind of soupy, sappy, drippy, whatever term you want to use for a little too "sweet". But he possessed immense skill in the Academic style and some of his paintings are truly great, such as this portrait of his daughter: beautiful, but not obviously sentimentalized. See A Winter's Catch, unfortunately illustrated only in black and white, for another one of my favorites.
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