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Artist: Richard Anuszkiewicz
[American painter, born 1930]

Title: Rose Red Centered

Date: 1977
Medium: acrylic on board
Dimensions: 60 x 48 inches (152 x 122 cm)
Location: Harmon-Meek Gallery, Naples, Florida

Image size: 1728 x 2168 pixels, 565 Kbytes
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Richard Anuszkiewicz: Rose Red Centered

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Anuszkiewicz is one of the leading artists of the Op Art movement of the 1960s. He uses concentric, vividly colored geometric forms to create paintings that challenge the eye's attempt to interpret it, resulting in optical illusions such as "vibrating" colors, moiré effects, and phantom dots.

I applaud Harmon-Meek Gallery for putting such a large scan online, but the detail image is really too large to appreciate in its entirety. It would be nice if there was an in-between magnification that was approximately the size of a full browser window. Note that Internet Explorer can be set to automatically reduce images to the available viewing area, and our TrueSize tool can do the same.
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