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Artist: English or French painter

Title: The Wilton Diptych

Date: ca.1395-99
Medium: egg tempera on oak panel
Dimensions: 12 x 22 inches (29 x 57 cm)
Location: National Gallery, London

Image size: 750 x 558 pixels, with huge zoom capability
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English or French painter: The Wilton Diptych

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The National Gallery's "zoom" feature uses the same kind of compromise approach that a lot of museums have adopted: You can see extremely fine detail images of 179 zoomable paintings from their collection, BUT the zoom window is fairly small (600 x 400 pixels) and as a result you can see only a small portion of the painting in zoom mode. Plus they stamp their name all over the zoomed-in image, which strikes me as rather disrespectful to the artworks.

Anybody has a perfect right to take screen grabs of the detail images and piece them together into a single high-res image for personal use - e.g. for study or for use as desktop wallpaper. But it'll mean merging 16 separate puzzle pieces, which on the few occasions I've done something like this was quite tedious.

Virgin and Child with Angels White Hart  
Posters from the Wilton Diptych are available at AllPosters. Left: Virgin and Child with Angels. Right: White Hart (from the reverse side of the diptych, also viewable at the National Gallery site - click "view reverse").
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