Information for Museums

An Open Letter to Museums and Other Sites We Have Indexed:

We exist to drive visitors to your site! Our site attracts people who are interested in seeing and learning about fine art on the Internet. And when we hand them off to you, they will be motivated to interact with your site, browse through your gift shop, and/or visit your museum in person.

The value we add is: we try to make searching for fine art as efficient as possible, by indexing by hand every major resource on the web, and taking visitors directly to the most relevant information on your site.

What we do not do is drop visitors off at your "front door" so they can read a letter from your director, look at a photo of the façade of your building, or take a virtual tour. They can choose to do so after they arrive, if they wish. We are a content-oriented site solely interested in maximizing the information value of the Internet.

What this means is that in some cases we will be linking inside a frame, or even to a page which has no link back to the rest of your site if no reasonable alternative exists. We would prefer not to have to do this. If you feel we are linking to your site inappropriately. drop us a line at , giving the details of the link, and a suggestion of how we can provide more effective access to the same content.

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