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Artcyclopedia, Inc.

Our privacy policy:

1. Artcyclopedia does not currently use cookies or collect any identifying information from its visitors.

2. Artcyclopedia does, of necessity, collect identifying information from its advertisers, its partners and from some artists. This information is not shared with third parties.

3. At the current time we do not accept credit card payments.

Our refund policy for advertisers:

We make every effort to ensure that advertisers understand in advance what kind of exposure they will be receiving, can monitor the results of their advertising, and get a positive return on their investment.

We will provide, on request, a full refund, in the following situations:
1. If notified of cancellation by email or fax before a campaign begins.
2. If the ads have been displayed from the beginning with significant formatting or linking problems due to an error on our part.

We do not provide partial refunds, but campaigns may be terminated at any time given reasonable notice, and we will retain any unused cash balance to be used for subsequent campaigns by the advertiser.

Contact information:

John Malyon
Artcyclopedia, Inc.
51 Tuscany Hills Terrace N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada    T3L 2G7

Phone: (403) 547-9692
Fax: (403) 547-1506