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Faeriefae Gallery - Works by Margaret Tarrant

A Midsummer Night
Autumn Sprite
Boat to Fairyland
Chestnut Candles
Cinderella Pumpkin
Cupid Fairy on a Bed of Roses
Do You Believe in Fairies
Elfin Chorus
Faeries Under the Rug
Faery Garden
Fairies and Mushrooms
Fairies Dance in the Woods
Fairies Midst Sweet Peas
Fairies Moonlight Swing
Fairies Oak
Fairy Dell
Fairy Girls Play
Fairy Proposal
Fairy Secrets
Fairy Signpost
Fairy Troupe
Fairy Way
Honey Bee
Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy
Lady's Smock Fairy
Larkspur Fairy
Lesson Time
Midsummer Night
My Fairy Swing
Old Slowcoach
Pear Blossom Fairy
Peters Friends
Pixie and Fairies
Pixie Time
Poppy Fairies
Portrait Painter
Primrose Fairies
Rainbow Fairies
Sleeping Beauty
Snapdragon Fairy
Snow Brownies
Snow Fairies
Sunflower Fairies
The Fairies Market
The Gates of Fairyland
The Goblins Market
The Magic Palace
The Magic Pipe
The Pixie Caravan
The Scots Pine Fairies
There Must be Fairies Here
Water Lily Fairies
Water Sports
Waterlily Pond
Woodland Hospital
Woodland School

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