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Time Magazine Covers by Henry Koerner

The Time Magazine website has all the Time covers online, dating back to 1923.

Note that the covers are not cross-referenced by artist, and as a result this list is probably incomplete.

Julie Harris as Joan of Arc, 1955
Robin Roberts, 1956
Maria Callas, 1956
Leonard Bernstein
Senator John Kennedy, 1957
J. Paul Getty, 1958
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., 1958
Paul Tillich, 1959
Henry Moore, 1959
Sylvia Porter, 1960
Mary Bunting, 1961
Robert F. Kennedy, 1962
Nelson Rockefeller, 1962
Spain's Don Juan, 1962
David Rockefeller, 1962
Roy Wilkins, 1963
John Cheever, 1964
Barbra Streisand, 1964
Senator Kenneth Keating, 1964
Jim Clark, 1965
Vietnam War, 1965
John V. Lindsay, 1965
Jim Brown, 1965
Courtlandt S. Gross, 1966
Rudolf Bing, 1966
Rudolph Peterson, 1966
Senator Edward Brooke, 1967