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Peter Paul Rubens

Works in the Online Gallery of the Museo del Prado, Madrid

Achilles discovered by Ulysses among the daughters of Lycomedes, 1625-30
Achilles Discovered by Ulysses and Diomedes, ca.1617 (with Anton van Dyck)
Adam and Eve, 1628-29
Adoration of the Magi, 1609-28
Ana de Austria, wife of Louis XIII, ca.1622
Apollo and the Python, ca.1636
Archduke Alberto de Austria, ca.1615 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Atalanta and Meleager hunting the Wild Boar of Calydon, ca.1636
Cardinal-Infante Fernando de Austria at the Battle of Nördlingen, 1635-40
Cephalus and Procris, 1636
Ceres and Pan, ca.1615 (with Frans Snyders)
Ceres with two Nymphs, ca.1624 (with Frans Snyders)
Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher, 1636-38
Deucalion and Pyrrha, ca.1636
Diana and Calisto, 1638-40
Diana and her Nymphs surprised by Satyrs, 1638-40
Diana and her Nymphs, Hunting, ca.1636
Emaus' Dinner, 1638
Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma, 1603
Felipe II on Horseback, 1628
Fortune, 1636-38
Hearing, 1617 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Heraclitus, the Crying Philosopher, 1636-38
Hercules and Cerberus, ca.1636
Immaculate Conception, 1628-29
Landscape with Psyche and Jupiter, 1610 (with Paul Bril)
Marie de Medici, Queen of France, 1622
Mercury and Argos, 1636-38
Mercury, 1636-38
Nymphs and Satyrs, ca.1635
Orpheus and Eurydice, 1636-38
Peasant Dance, 1636-40
Perseus Freeing Andromeda, 1641-42
Philopomenes Recognized, 1609-10 (with Frans Snyders)
Promethius, ca.1636
Rest on the Flight from Egypt, with Saints, ca.1635
Rodolfo I de Habsburgo's Act of Devotion (with Jan Wildens)
Saint Andrew, ca.1611
Saint Bartholomew, ca.1611
Saint George Battles the Dragon, ca.1607
Saint Hubert's Vision, 1615-30 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Saint James the Elder, ca.1611
Saint James the Minor, ca.1611
Saint John the Evangelist, ca.1611
Saint Mathias, ca.1611
Saint Matthew, ca.1611
Saint Paul, ca.1611
Saint Peter, ca.1611
Saint Philip, ca.1611
Saint Simon, ca.1611
Saint Thomas, ca.1611
Saturn devouring his son, 1636-38
Sight, 1617 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Silenus or a Faun, 1636-38
Sir Thomas More, 1625-30
Smell, ca.1617 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Taste, 1618 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Tereus' Banquet, 1636-38
The Birth of the Milky Way, ca.1637
The Death of Hyacinth, ca.1636
The Garden of Love, ca.1633
The Holy Family surrounded by Saints, ca.1628
The Holy Family with Saint Ann, 1626-30
The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, ca.1615 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
The Judgement of Paris, 1638-39
The Judgement of Paris, ca.1605
The Persecution of the Harpies, ca.1636
The Rape of Europe, 1636
The Rape of Ganymede, 1636-38
The Rape of Hippodame, or Lapiths and Centaurs, 1636-38
The Rape of Proserpina, 1636-38
The Three Graces, ca.1635
The Triumph of the Eucharist over Idolatry, 1625-26
Touch, ca.1617 (with Jan Brueghel the Elder)
Vertumnus and Pomona, ca.1636
Vulcan forging Jupiter's Lightening Bolts, 1636-38


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