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Visual ArtsSat, 28 Nov 2015 03:14
Renowned Artist: Digital Images Lie

“Don McCullin, one of the world’s finest photographers of war and disaster, said the digital revolution meant viewers could no longer trust the truthfulness of images they see.”Source: The Guardian (UK)

Visual ArtsSat, 28 Nov 2015 02:58
The 50 Most Exciting Artists Of 2015?

Artnet makes a list.Source: Artnet

Visual ArtsSat, 28 Nov 2015 02:05
The Precarious Lot Of Museum Education Workers

“Perhaps the most glaring incongruity to educators’ employment is that while they are crucial to the museums’ long-term public engagement, these are freelancers, hourly waged workers-for-hire who lack the job security of a full-time, salaried position.”Source: Hyperallergic

Visual ArtsFri, 27 Nov 2015 19:23
Project Aims To Recreate Famous Art In 3D For Blind People

The Unseen Art project aims to approach 3D artists to contribute interpretations of famous artworks, which could then be downloaded for free and printed out anywhere there is a 3D printer.Source: The Telegraph (UK)

Visual ArtsFri, 27 Nov 2015 19:19
Membership Has Its Advantages: Modigliani Buyer Charges $170M Painting On His Amex Card

“Liu was the winning bidder for Amedeo Modigliani’s Reclining Nude at a Christie’s auction earlier this month, offering $170.4 million — and when the sale closes, he’ll be putting it on his American Express card.”Source: CBC

Visual ArtsThu, 26 Nov 2015 03:12
Met Museum Reconcieves The Whitney’s Old Home

“On March 18, the museum will unveil the Met Breuer, better known as the former home of the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Met’s annexation of the building prompted an initial burst of skepticism.”Source: The New York Times

IdeasSat, 28 Nov 2015 03:21
How Freeways Destroyed American Cities

Urban freeways displaced communities and created air and noise pollution in downtown areas. They made it easier for suburban commuters to “zip to their suburban homes at the end of the work day, encouraging those with means to abandon the urban core.”Source: The Atlantic

MusicSat, 28 Nov 2015 02:52
How Adele Got Millions Of People To Buy Her New Album

Adele appears to have activated millions of customers for whom making a purchase is viewed as a sign of devotion and support for the artist they love.Source: The New York Times

DanceSat, 28 Nov 2015 02:42
Safety Issue: Portland School Cancels Dance

A Portland Public Schools official says dancing has made some students feel unsafe.Source: ABCNews

TheatreSat, 28 Nov 2015 02:39
Lack Of Diversity: Women Playwrights

In San Diego last summer, at the national conference of the Dramatists Guild, the results of a major research project called “The Count” found that of some 2,500 productions sampled nationwide, only about 22 percent were of works by female writers.Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

WordsSat, 28 Nov 2015 02:08
How Many Books In The NY Public Library?

In just the past decade, vexingly different figures have been reported — 1.8 million in The New York Times in 2009, four million by The Associated Press in 2013.Source: The New York Times

The WorldFri, 27 Nov 2015 20:31

Business Development Manager

The Business and Development Manager (BDM) is an integral member of LEVYdance team. The position requires a strong understanding of non-profit business practices and principals, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. Source: LEVYdance

MediaFri, 27 Nov 2015 19:32
Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland (Season 5, Episode 02). - Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME - Photo ID:  Homeland_502_1495.R
When Will TV Get Terrorism Right?

“There’s been no shortage of writers and actors who have been willing to go to difficult places and wrestle with moral quandaries in the past decade or two, but when will TV begin to robustly confront the evils that ideological struggles have brought us in recent months and years?”Source: Variety

MusicFri, 27 Nov 2015 18:59
Why Are People Paying For Adele’s New Album?

“Album sales are profitable, but they are not the future of the music business—streaming is. Could it be possible that the record business, pursuing a strategy of inflating sales by keeping an album off Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, is choosing short-term profits over long-term growth?”Source: The New Yorker

MusicFri, 27 Nov 2015 18:48
Hating On Holiday Music? Why? (A Defense)

“Unlike December’s retail madness, the music is divorced from commercial machinations and chaos; it’s about slowing down and homing in on what matters. In this way, seasonal tunes have an almost childlike outlook.”Source: Salon

IssuesFri, 27 Nov 2015 17:56
Funding Shift: UK Arts Orgs Now Raising Almost As Much From Donations As From Government

Fundraising income is catching up with public funding as a source of income for Arts Council England’s (ACE) National Portfolio Organisations.Source: Arts Professional

PeopleFri, 27 Nov 2015 17:54
Leading Saudi Artist Sentenced To Death. Why?

“In May last year, Ashraf Fayadh was sentenced to four years in prison and 800 lashes. But on 17 November, another judge in the court of Abha in southern Saudi Arabia ruled that Fayadh be executed for apostasy.”Source: The Art Newspaper

IssuesFri, 27 Nov 2015 17:45
E_T_Dunn_Photo 1
Do Arts Workers Need A Union?

“When the choice comes down to sacrificing the quality of a product, or sacrificing the physical and mental well-being of the laborers who make that product, there needs to be someone looking out for the workers.”Source: Howlround

IdeasFri, 27 Nov 2015 17:42
Feeling Complacent? Here’s Why

Information is now prized more than wisdom; journalistic punditry has ousted authentic thought. And today “nothing, it seems, is more conducive to the love of one’s neighbor than the sharing of identically branded products.”Source: Washington Post

TheatreFri, 27 Nov 2015 16:52
Reinventing A Venerable Venue For Musicals

Although the organization is financially stable (thanks in no small part to a $23 million endowment, one of the largest for a regional theater in America), the size of the main theater (398 seats) severely limits how much the theater can generate in ticket sales, even though it has the largest subscription base in the […]Source: Hartford Courant


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