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Visual ArtsThu, 25 Apr 2019 17:28

Louvre To Start Requiring Timed Reservations This Fall In Attempt To Manage Mobs Of Visitors

The decision came after the Louvre’s visitor numbers surpassed “the symbolic threshold” of 10 million last year, which equates to 25,000 to 50,000 a day.  At the Louvre’s most-popular art, the crowds are so thick you really can’t see much, and the atmosphere is circus-like. – The Art NewspaperSource:

Visual ArtsThu, 25 Apr 2019 13:34

Two Lawsuits Challenge Iowa Ban On Any Materials Containing Nudity In Prisons

“Under Iowa’s law, inmates no longer have access to mainstream publications such as National Geographic, says the lawyer Nathan Mundy, who represents Michael Lindgren, a tattoo artist challenging the statute in federal court. Mundy adds that his client is now not even allowed to draw his own nude figures, which will hurt Lindgren’s practice when […]Source:

Visual ArtsThu, 25 Apr 2019 12:01

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Has A(nother) Tentative Opening Date

According to director Richard Armstrong, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, part of the emirate’s Saadiyat Island complex of museums, is expected to open in 2022. “The Frank Gehry-designed museum, which would be the Guggenheim’s biggest space at around 320,000 sq. ft, was initially due to open in 2012 and then in 2017.” – The Art NewspaperSource:

WordsThu, 25 Apr 2019 22:03

Redefining “Common” Language Is A Fraught Exercise

Looking at Amherst College’s new Common Language Guide: What the glossary contains is not “common” language by any normal reckoning. Its very first entry defines “accomplice” as “a term coined by Indigenous Action Network to critique the ways in which ‘ally’ as an identity term has been deployed absent of action, accountability or risk-taking.” Such […]Source:

IdeasThu, 25 Apr 2019 21:33

An Academic Paper That Identifies And Explains Bullshitters

“Unlike many previous studies, we are able to investigate differences between bullshitters and non-bullshitters conditional upon a range of potential confounding characteristics (including a high-quality measure of educational achievement) providing stronger evidence that bullshitting really is independently related to these important psychological traits.” IZA Institute of Labor EconomicsSource:

MediaThu, 25 Apr 2019 21:02

See Inside Some Of America’s Grandest Old Movie Theatres

The photographers used Cinema Treasures, a database of American movie theaters past and present, to track down some of the country’s most spectacular movie palaces. At first they focused only on abandoned theaters, but after discovering some tastefully repurposed palaces, such as Brooklyn’s cavernous Paramount Theater—now used as a gymnasium by Long Island University—they expanded the […]Source:

PeopleThu, 25 Apr 2019 20:31

Major Study: Worldwide, People Are Angrier, Sadder Than Ever Before

In 2018, about 4 in 10 people said they experienced a lot of worry the day before the interview, while a third said they were stressed and nearly 3 in 10 said they felt a lot of physical pain. A quarter experienced sadness, and 22% were angry. – CNNSource:

MusicThu, 25 Apr 2019 20:01

Fitness Companies Are Becoming Entertainment Companies. Publishers Have Sued Peloton Over Music And Customers Are Noticing

It may seem silly to lament over music selections in an exercise class, but it’s an issue that fitness companies may increasingly face as they transform from traditional health companies into media publishers. Let’s face it: working out can be boring, and people are willing to pay top dollar to have someone yell at us while […]Source:

TheatreThu, 25 Apr 2019 19:31

Multi-Dimensional Theatre: Shakespeare Performed By Cast Split Between Hearing And Deaf Actors

In a first for Canadian mainstage theatre, the 15-member acting ensemble of Josette Bushell-Mingo’s innovative bilingual production, an offshoot of the Citadel/Banff Professional Program, is almost equally divided amongst deaf and hearing artists. They perform in American Sign Language and spoken English — in addition to “the language of the body.” – 12th NightSource:

MediaThu, 25 Apr 2019 19:04

Happy About The Demise Of The Romantic Comedy? Don’t Be

Wesley Morris: “Romantic comedy is the only genre committed to letting relatively ordinary people figure out how to deal meaningfully with another human being. … This is moviemaking that explores a basic human wonder about how to connect with a person who’s not you. And here we are dancing on its grave.” – The New […]Source:

BlogsThu, 25 Apr 2019 18:54

Bill Frisell And Thomas Morgan: “Epistrophy”

Guitarist Frisell and bassist Morgan are captivating in their exploration of pieces whose variety extends from the harmonic challenges of Thelonious Monk to the deceptive simplicity of “Red River Valley.” – Doug RamseySource:

IssuesThu, 25 Apr 2019 18:31

New UK Study: Economic Demographics Of Workers In The Arts Unchanged In 30 Years

They found that people whose parents “had the most privileged occupations”, such as doctors, lawyers and senior management posts, “were over four times more times more likely to be working as actors, musicians, programme-makers and in other creative roles than those from a working-class background”. “This disparity did not significantly change across the period studied,” […]Source:

IssuesThu, 25 Apr 2019 18:01

We’re In The Era Of ‘Post-Humor Comedy’ — These Days, The Jokes Aren’t Even Trying To Be Jokes

“Very often, they are simple statements of fact, with minimal humorous adornment. James Corden mentions that Google will soon allow you to store your driver’s license on your phone. ‘You have to admit,’ he says, ‘Google is definitely making it easier and more convenient — for your personal information to be stolen by Google.'” – […]Source:

MusicThu, 25 Apr 2019 17:02

Surviving Auschwitz By Playing Jazz

Writer Amanda Petrusich recounts the story of trumpeter Eric Vogel and the Ghetto Swingers, a band that played for officers and the Red Cross at Theresienstadt and, for a time, Auschwitz. Vogel later came to New York and became a design engineer and a jazz critic for Down Beat magazine. – The New YorkerSource:

MediaThu, 25 Apr 2019 16:29

Many Popular Shows Will Probably Leave Netflix As Streaming Services Compete

These new streamers will be desperate for content, and will yank their own shows off Netflix. So “when do we reach peak streaming? How many services can the average viewer reasonably adopt? Is this the start of a dystopian TV future where only the wealthiest among us are able to watch 100 consecutive episodes of […]Source:

MusicThu, 25 Apr 2019 16:03

There’s Only One City Where You Can See Four Brand-New Full-Scale Operas In Four Months

“No place on earth rivals Berlin for the volume and variety of opera on offer, from Georg Frideric Handel to Hans Werner Henze. The city has three world-class companies, which this season have combined for a total of 85 fully staged productions. And they are investing in new works to run alongside the old war […]Source:

MusicThu, 25 Apr 2019 15:30

Rahm Emanuel Offers To Mediate The Chicago Symphony Strike

“None of us want to see that jewel tarnished. After speaking with both parties, it appears that we should be able to achieve an end to this seven-week strike. Therefore, I am offering the services of my office to serve as a forum where both parties can work in good faith.” – Chicago TribuneSource:

WordsThu, 25 Apr 2019 15:04

The Poetic, Bombastic, Brilliant Art Of Old-School Sports Writing

“The brilliant hard-boiled lyricism of Sandy Grady, in 1964, as he watches a crowd of Phillies fans after a home loss: ‘They hit the sidewalk with tight mouths, like people who had seen a train hit a car.’ Or Joe Palmer, in 1951, summoning a vision of the racehorse Man o’ War in motion: ‘Great […]Source:

TheatreThu, 25 Apr 2019 14:37

Meet Four Black Playwrights Who Are Challenging American Theater

“They are the talk of the theater world: a generation of black playwrights whose fiercely political and formally inventive works are challenging audiences, critics and the culture at large to think about race, and racism, in new ways.” A conversation with Jackie Sibblies Drury, Jeremy O. Harris, Antoinette Nwandu and Jordan E. Cooper. – The […]Source:

TheatreThu, 25 Apr 2019 14:36

‘The Most Powerful And Relevant Theater Being Written Today’ — Ben Brantley On New Plays By Black Writers

“I can’t remember a more electrifying run of new, innovative plays during my 25-year tenure as a New York theater critic than the heady spate of works by African-American playwrights that have opened Off Broadway during the past two seasons.” – The New York TimesSource:


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