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Visual ArtsThu, 19 Jan 2017 14:36

'Institutional Critique' Has Become An Institution Itself, So Artists Are Messing With It

"Even as one very visible portion of the art world becomes ever more soaked in money, artists like [A.L.] Steiner are picking up the ideas of first- and second-generation institutional critique and adapting them to the needs of the present ... investigating, tweaking, and even striking out against the operation of museums, galleries, and the […]Source:

Visual ArtsThu, 19 Jan 2017 13:47

Fence Off The Spanish Steps In Rome? Yes, They're Considering It

Since Dutch football hooligans damaged the Bernini-designed fountain at the steps' base in 2015, there's been a lot of concern about keeping the landmark safe. Paolo Bulgari (of the jewelry house), who paid for the Steps' most recent restoration, wants to ban sitting on them and to put in a Plexiglas barrier at night; art […]Source:

MusicThu, 19 Jan 2017 20:31

Simon Rattle Explains Why His Orchestra Needs A New Hall

Rattle was blunt about the limitations of the Barbican. “It is very clear we can do a lot of wonderful work at the Barbican, but it is also clear there is about 20% of the repertoire that we can’t,” he said. “In my wishlist of pieces there is so much which simply would not work […]Source:

IssuesThu, 19 Jan 2017 20:15

Kennicott: Trump Eliminating NEA, NEH And PBS Is Significant Step To Eliminating The Free Public Realm

Phil Kennicott: "The loss of the NEA is mostly about symbolism. But along with the loss of the NEH and privatization of the CPB, these proposed budget cuts are part of a nascent but ominous larger movement to eliminate the last vestiges of a public realm free of the dictates of the market. Privatizing the […]Source:

IdeasThu, 19 Jan 2017 20:02

The Stories We Tell Ourselves And What They Reveal (Whether We Want To Admit It Or Not)

"We tell stories that make us seem adventurous, or funny, or strong" - or virtuous or stoic or oppressed. "We tell stories that make our lives seem interesting. And we tell these stories not only to others, but also to ourselves. ... If we reflect on the stories we tell about ourselves, both to others […]Source:

MediaThu, 19 Jan 2017 19:31

Binge-Watching TV Has Some Downsides

"Binge TV is entering a new phase in which the makers of your shows, in particular at places like Netflix and Amazon, are betting that the satisfaction of gorging on eight to 10 episodes, batch-released, will be enough to glue you to your phone, laptop or, if you’re feeling fancy, your actual television. The joy […]Source:

PeopleThu, 19 Jan 2017 18:27

Soprano Roberta Peters, 86

Ms. Peters, who would sing with the Met 515 times over 35 vigorous years, was internationally renowned for her high, silvery voice (in private, she could hit a high A, two and a half octaves above middle C); her clarion diction in a flurry of languages; her attractive stage presence; and, by virtue of the […]Source:

IssuesThu, 19 Jan 2017 18:27

Harvard's ART Institute Suspends Admissions After Education Department Review

"In an announcement last week, the Education Department listed Harvard’s ART Institute among hundreds of college and university programs across the country that did not meet federal regulations governing the amount of debt students can accrue when measured against their expected earnings."Source:

MediaThu, 19 Jan 2017 18:02

Why Old-School TV Sitcoms Are Making A Comeback

It's not only the Netflix reboots of One Day at a Time* and Full(er) House: after years of single-camera mockumentaries like The Office and Parks and Recreation, networks are turning back to multi-camera sitcoms - often driven by contemporary issues, Norman Lear-style. Elise Czajkowski looks at how the change is happening. *Any excuse to watch […]Source:

MusicThu, 19 Jan 2017 17:31

Tchaikovsky's Music Is Romantic And Sentimental. So Why Is It Still So Popular?

"From today’s perspective, Tchaikovsky’s musical ideas—whether in the guise of symphonic bombast, or as a buoyant backdrop for dancing fairies and frolicking snowflakes—can seem like quaint artifacts. Why, then, do audiences still clamor for this composer?"Source:

TheatreThu, 19 Jan 2017 17:02

This Actress Won A Tony For Playing A Middle-Aged Woman At Endless War With Her Mother - Two Decades Later, She's Playing That Mother

Marie Mullen - star, then and now, of The Beauty Queen of Leenane - talks about what she did and didn't borrow from her colleague, fellow Tony-winner and predecessor as Mag Folan, the late Anna Manahan.Source:

IssuesThu, 19 Jan 2017 17:01

Report: Trump Plans To Eliminate The NEA And NEH

“The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized,” the Hill's Alexander Bolton reports, “while the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would be eliminated entirely.” In total, the administration aims to cut spending by $10.5 trillion over the next decade.Source:

DanceThu, 19 Jan 2017 16:31

Just Who (And What) Are The Rockettes?

"While the Rockettes are an American symbol — as much as Radio City Music Hall or Mr. Trump and his branded buildings — the group’s individual dancers remain fairly anonymous. They don’t speak unless deemed interview-appropriate by the Madison Square Garden Company, which has fiercely protected them against criticism surrounding the inauguration."Source:

MusicThu, 19 Jan 2017 16:03

'The Dictator's Wife,' A New Opera That May Or May Not Be About Melania Trump (Or Mrs. Putin, Or Evita, Or Imelda)

The composer, Mohammed Fairouz, wanted to bring out every Trump similarity possible. The (in effect) executive producer, Francesca Zambello, insists, "It is not about the president-elect or his wife." The librettist originally had in mind the late Pakistani dictator Zia ul-Haq. And director Ethan McSweeny said, "We were all joking among ourselves that if that […]Source:

MediaThu, 19 Jan 2017 15:34

How 'South Park'-Style Humor And Trolling Elected Donald Trump

"There were things South Park had always had trouble imagining: it was complex and dialectical on male anger and sadness, and able to gaze with empathy into the soul of a troll, but it couldn't create a funny girl or a mother who wasn't a nag. What it did get, however, was how dangerous it […]Source:

IssuesThu, 19 Jan 2017 15:05

Cultural World's Protest Actions Against Trump May Be Missing The Point

"The discussion around such efforts has shown some of the typical - if muddied - ways people talk about the arts intersecting with politics. On the right, a common theme is that celebrity protests are only going to ensure Trump's re-election by making his supporters feel condescended to. On the left, cultural anti-Trump efforts are […]Source:

DanceThu, 19 Jan 2017 14:19

Sacramento Ballet's Firing Of Its Founders: Each Side Speaks Out

"In a two-part feature, we first hear from [board president Nancy] Garton about why the board has decided to move forward with retiring [artistic directors Ron] Cunningham and [Carinne] Binda. After that, the two will talk about what happened from their end and their next steps in life." (audio)Source:

IssuesThu, 19 Jan 2017 14:03

When Outsider Art Became In: President Obama's Cultural Legacy

"If there was one place where the Obama administration was consistently ahead of the curve, it was in the cultural sphere: over eight years, the White House served as a staging ground for countless artists, intellectuals and activists, especially those from communities of color, especially cultural producers from New York, long exiled from [institutional] Washington." […]Source:

TheatreThu, 19 Jan 2017 13:32

How Does A Straight Play On Broadway Gross $1 Million In A Single Week?

Cast Cate Blanchett.Source:

DanceThu, 19 Jan 2017 13:17

The Ballet School In Africa's Largest Urban Slum

A photo journal of a visit to the Kibera ballet school in Nairobi, where the best students get chances to perform at Kenya's national theatre.Source:


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