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Artist Names Beginning Beginning FI through FO

Domenico FiasellaItalian Painter
Erastus Salisbury FieldAmerican Artist
Robert FieldEnglish/American Painter
Anthony Vandyke Copley FieldingEnglish Painter
Ernest FieneGerman/American Painter
Pedro FigariUruguayan Painter
Giovanni Ambrogio FiginoItalian Painter
Stanislaw FijalkowskiPolish Painter
FilareteItalian Sculptor
Sir Luke FildesEnglish Painter
Charles FiligerFrench Painter/Printmaker
Filippo della ValleItalian Sculptor
Filippo NapoletanoItalian Painter
Scott FillierCanadian
Robert FilliouFrench
Antonio Fillol GranellSpanish Painter
Pavel FilonovRussian Painter
Francis Oliver FinchEnglish
Hazel FinckAmerican
Perle FineAmerican Painter
Sally S. FineAmerican Sculptor
Giuliano FinelliItalian Sculptor
Larry FinkAmerican Photographer
Ian Hamilton FinlayBritish Sculptor
Virgil FinlayAmerican Illustrator
Paul Finnegan
Ludovicus FinsonFlemish Painter
Howard FinsterAmerican Artist
Antonio FiorentinoItalian
Pier Francesco FiorentinoItalian Painter
Fiorenzo di LorenzoItalian Painter
Ernesto de FioriItalian Sculptor
Marie-Francois Firmin-GirardFrench Painter
Paul FischerDanish Painter
Urs FischerSwiss
Eric FischlAmerican Painter/Sculptor
Peter FischliSwiss Video Artist
Janet FishAmerican Painter
Alvan FisherAmerican Painter
Anna FisherAmerican
Elizabeth Clay FisherAmerican
Ellen Bowditch Thayer FisherAmerican Painter
Harrison FisherAmerican Illustrator
Mark FisherAmerican/British Painter
Samuel Melton FisherBritish
Vernon FisherAmerican Installation Artist
Lars-Erik FiskAmerican Sculptor
Gertrude FiskeAmerican Painter
Walter FitchBritish Painter
Hedley FittonBritish Printmaker
John Anster FitzgeraldBritish Painter
Lionel FitzgeraldCanadian Painter
Pierre-Felix Fix-MasseauFrench Sculptor/Printmaker
Audrey FlackAmerican Painter/Sculptor
James Montgomery FlaggAmerican Illustrator
Anselme FlamenFrench Sculptor
Francois FlamengFrench Painter
Leopold FlamengFrench Painter/Printmaker
Barry FlanaganBritish Sculptor
Mary FlanaganAmerican Digital Artist
Hippolyte FlandrinFrench Painter
John Bernard FlannaganAmerican
Dan FlavinAmerican Installation Artist
John FlaxmanEnglish Sculptor
Georg FlegelGerman Painter
Richard FleischnerAmerican
Camille FlersFrench Painter
Sylvie FleurySwiss Artist
Samson FlexorPainter
Gerlach FlickeGerman Painter
Govert FlinckDutch Painter
Sir William Russell FlintBritish Painter
William Leroy FlintAmerican
Charles FlipartFrench Painter
Cornelis FlorisFlemish Sculptor
Frans FlorisFlemish Painter
Arthur L. FloryAmerican Painter
Ceal FloyerPakistani/British
Giambattista FogginiItalian Sculptor
John Henry FoleyIrish Sculptor
Bartolomeo di Tommaso da FolignoItalian Painter
John Fulton FolinsbeeAmerican
Jody FolwellNative American
Annibale FontanaItalian Sculptor
Lavinia FontanaItalian Painter
Lucio FontanaArgentine/Italian Sculptor/Painter
Prospero FontanaItalian Painter
Antonio FontanesiItalian Painter
Francesco FontebassoItalian Painter
Mary FooteAmerican Painter
Will Howe FooteAmerican Painter
Vincenzo FoppaItalian Painter
Girolamo ForaboscoItalian Painter
Jean-Louis ForainFrench Painter/Illustrator
Donald Emery Forbes
Elizabeth Adela Armstrong ForbesCanadian/English Painter
John Colin ForbesCanadian Painter
Stanhope Alexander ForbesIrish Painter
Edward Onslow FordEnglish Sculptor
Gordon Onslow FordBritish Painter
Lauren FordAmerican Painter
Walton FordAmerican Painter
William FordEnglish Painter
Gunter ForgGerman
Jonathan Alistair ForrestBritish/Canadian Painter
Tom ForrestallCanadian Painter
Chuck ForsmanAmerican Painter
Thomas ForsterEnglish Draughtsman
Luca ForteItalian Painter
Eleanor Fortescue-BrickdaleEnglish Painter
Marc-Aurele FortinCanadian Painter
Giovacchino FortiniItalian Sculptor
Mariano Fortuny y MadrazoSpanish Designer/Photographer
Mariano Fortuny y MarsalSpanish Painter
Jean Jacques FortyFrench Painter
Francesco FoschiItalian Painter
Pierfrancesco FoschiItalian Painter
Davide Antonio FossatiItalian
Samuel FossoNigerian Photographer
Ben FosterAmerican Painter
Myles Birket FosterEnglish Painter
William FosterBritish
Tsugoharu FoujitaJapanese/French Painter
Llyn FoulkesAmerican Painter
The Foundry PainterGreek Vase Painter
Jean FouquetFrench Painter
Alexis Jean FournierAmerican Painter
Isaac FowleWood Carver
E. Phillips FoxAustralian Painter
Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-CoteCanadian Painter/Sculptor
Denis FoyatierFrench Sculptor

Notes on the alphabetizing of names on this site: Following common practice, Italian "place" names (containing -da- , -di- or -della -, for example) are generally listed under the artist's first name (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci is under "L"). We have attempted to list Asian artists under their family name, although they may be written as last-name-first-name or Westernized as first-name-last-name. Extremely well-known artists are generally listed under their familiar names (e.g. Rembrandt, van Gogh). All other names are generally listed under the last word in the artist's name.

A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs. Raffaello Sanzio, etc.


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