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Artist Names Beginning Beginning GO through GRA

Robert GoberAmerican Sculptor
Paul GobleBritish/American Illustrator
John William GodwardEnglish Painter
Edward William GodwinEnglish Designer
Norbert GoeneutteFrench Painter
Hugo van der GoesNetherlandish Painter
Sigismund GoetzeEnglish Painter
Frank GohlkeAmerican Photographer
Ralph GoingsAmerican Painter
Francisco GoitiaMexican Painter
Jim GoldbergAmerican Photographer
Ken GoldbergAmerican Digital Artist
Michael GoldbergAmerican Painter
Rube GoldbergAmerican Illustrator/Inventor
Charles GoldieNew Zealand Painter
Nan GoldinAmerican Photographer
Andy GoldsworthyBritish Environmental Artist
Anne GoldthwaiteAmerican Painter
Joseph GolinkinAmerican Painter
E.W. GollingsAmerican Painter
Hendrick GoltziusDutch Painter/Engraver
Leon GolubAmerican Painter
Vicente Salvador GomezSpanish Painter
Juan Gomez de MoraSpanish Architect
Nuno GoncalvesPortuguese Painter
Natalia GoncharovaRussian Painter
Gong XianChinese Painter
Pietro GonzagaItalian Painter
Eva GonzalesFrench Painter
Joan GonzalezSpanish
Juan GonzalezCuban/American Painter
Julio GonzalezSpanish/French Sculptor
Vicente Palmaroli GonzalezSpanish Painter
Juan Francisco Gonzalez EscobarChilean Painter
Bartolome Gonzalez y SerranoSpanish Painter
Dominique Gonzalez-FoersterFrench
Felix Gonzalez-TorresCuban/American
Thomas Sword GoodEnglish
Glenna GoodacreAmerican Sculptor
Frederick GoodallBritish Painter
Joe GoodeAmerican Painter
Stephen GoodfellowBritish
Sidney GoodmanAmerican Painter
Robert GoodnoughAmerican Painter
Eliza GoodridgeAmerican Miniaturist
Agnes GoodsirAustralian Painter
Albert GoodwinEnglish Painter
Arthur Clifton GoodwinAmerican Painter
Betty GoodwinCanadian Painter
Gilberta Daniels GoodwinAmerican
Philip R. GoodwinAmerican Painter
Richard LaBarre GoodwinAmerican Painter
James Farrington GookinsAmerican Painter
Arturo GordonChilean Painter
Douglas GordonBritish Video Artist
Harry H. GordonAmerican Sculptor
Julia Emily GordonBritish Painter
Lady GordonBritish Painter
Russell T. GordonAfrican-American Printmaker
Sir Harry Percy Gordon
Sir John Watson GordonBritish Painter
Charles GoreEnglish
Spencer GoreEnglish Painter
Richard Williams Samuel GorenkoCanadian Painter
Edward GoreyAmerican Writer/Illustrator
Jean GorinFrench Painter/Sculptor
Arshile GorkyArmenian/American Painter
R.C. GormanNative American Painter/Printmaker
Antony GormleyBritish Installation Artist
April GornikAmerican Painter
Goro di GregorioItalian Sculptor
Douglas GorslineAmerican Painter
Aaron Harry GorsonAmerican Painter
Matsumura GoshunJapanese Painter
Thomas Cooper GotchEnglish Painter
Adolph GottliebAmerican Painter
Harry GottliebRomanian/American
Maurycy GottliebPolish Painter
Scott GoudieCanadian Painter
Hendrik GoudtDutch Painter
Jean GoujonFrench Sculptor
William GouldAustralian Painter
Jules-Adolphe GoupilFrench Painter
Daniel GovaersDutch Goldsmith
Abraham GovaertsFlemish Painter
Andrew Carrick GowBritish
George GowerEnglish Painter
Emmet GowinAmerican Photographer
Sir Lawrence GowingBritish Painter
Francisco de GoyaSpanish Painter/Printmaker
Jan van GoyenDutch Painter
Hashiguchi GoyoJapanese Printmaker
Benozzo GozzoliItalian Painter
Genevieve Goth GrafAmerican Painter
Urs GrafSwiss Engraver
Anton GraffSwiss/German Painter
Dan GrahamAmerican Installation Artist
John GrahamUkrainian/American Painter
Paul GrahamBritish Photographer
Peter GrahamScottish Painter
Robert GrahamMexican/American Sculptor
Rodney GrahamCanadian
Antiveduto GramaticaItalian Painter
Francesco GranacciItalian Painter
Gian Girolamo GrandiItalian
Giuseppe GrandiItalian Sculptor
Eugene GrandinFrench Painter
Nicholas de GrandmaisonRussian/Canadian Painter
Francois-Marius GranetFrench Painter
Charles Henry GrangerAmerican
Duncan GrantScottish Painter
Frederic Milton GrantAmerican Painter
Gordon GrantAmerican Painter
Sir Francis GrantScottish Painter
Caspar GrasGerman Sculptor
Philippe GrassFrench Sculptor
Erasmus GrasserGerman Painter/Sculptor
Eugene GrassetSwiss/French Designer
Emilio Grau SalaSpanish Painter
Philip GrausmanAmerican Sculptor
Hubert Francois GravelotFrench Engraver
Abbott Fuller GravesAmerican Painter
Michael GravesAmerican Designer/Architect
Morris GravesAmerican Painter/Sculptor
Nancy GravesAmerican Sculptor
Charles Storm van S' GravesandeDutch
Cleve GrayAmerican Painter
Eileen GrayIrish Designer
Gustave Le GrayFrench Photographer
Henry Percy GrayAmerican Painter
Mary GrayAmerican

Notes on the alphabetizing of names on this site: Following common practice, Italian "place" names (containing -da- , -di- or -della -, for example) are generally listed under the artist's first name (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci is under "L"). We have attempted to list Asian artists under their family name, although they may be written as last-name-first-name or Westernized as first-name-last-name. Extremely well-known artists are generally listed under their familiar names (e.g. Rembrandt, van Gogh). All other names are generally listed under the last word in the artist's name.

A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs. Raffaello Sanzio, etc.


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