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Artist Names Beginning Beginning J

Alfredo JaarChilean
Mabel Wellington JackAmerican
Richard JackBritish Painter
Bill JacklinBritish Painter
A.Y. JacksonCanadian Painter
Billy Morrow JacksonAmerican Painter
Gilbert JacksonEnglish Painter
John JacksonBritish Painter
John Baptist JacksonEnglish Printmaker
Samuel Phillips JacksonEnglish Painter
William Henry JacksonAmerican Photographer
Francois-Honore-Georges Jacob-DesmalterFrench Furniture Artist
Jacobello Del FioreItalian Painter
Lotte JacobiGerman/American Photographer
Otto JacobiRussian/Canadian Painter
Antonio JacobsenDanish/American Painter
Arne JacobsenDanish Architect/Designer
Keith JacobshagenAmerican
Jake JacobsonAmerican Sculptor
Dirck JacobszNetherlandish Painter
Lambert JacobszDutch Painter
JacomettoItalian Painter
Jacopino del ConteItalian Painter
Meliore di JacopoItalian Painter
Jacopo del CasentinoItalian Painter
Jacopo del SellaioItalian Painter
Jacopo di CioneItalian Painter
Jacopo Nizzola da TrezzoItalian
Paul JacouletFrench/Japanese Printmaker
Alexandre JacovleffRussian Painter
Claudius JacquandFrench Painter
Charles Emile JacqueFrench Painter
Alfred JacquemartFrench Sculptor
Jules Ferdinand JacquemartFrench
Jacquemart de HesdinFrench Miniaturist
Jeanne JacqueminFrench Painter
Mathieu JacquetFrench Sculptor
Yvonne JacquetteAmerican Painter
Ponce JacquiotFrench Sculptor
Jay JaffeeAmerican Photographer
Charles Francois JalabertFrench Painter
Alexander JamesAmerican
Alice Archer JamesAmerican
Frederick JamesAmerican
Rebecca Salsbury JamesAmerican
Will JamesCanadian Illustrator
Anne Brownell JamesonIrish/English Writer
Bernice Evelyn JamiesonAmerican Painter
Mitchell JamiesonAmerican Painter
Paul JaminFrench Painter
Marcel JancoIsraeli Artist
Jean-Francois JaninetFrench Printmaker
Christian JankowskiGerman Installation Artist
Jean JansemArmenian/French Painter
Franz M. JansenGerman
Abraham JanssensFlemish Painter
Ann Veronica JanssensBritish
Eugene JanssonSwedish Painter
Alex JanvierNative Canadian Painter
Charles Wesley JarvisAmerican Painter
John Wesley JarvisEnglish/American Painter
Valerie JaudonAmerican
Alexei JawlenskyRussian/German Painter
Jean de LiegeNetherlandish Sculptor
Jean de TouylFrench
Jeanne-ClaudeMoroccan/American Environmental Artist
Pierre-Georges JeanniotFrench Painter
Etienne JeauratFrench Painter
Thomas JeffersonAmerican Architect/Politician
James JefferysBritish
Christoffel JegherFlemish
Paul JenkinsAmerican Painter
C. Paul JenneweinGerman/American Sculptor
Neil JenneyAmerican Painter
William JennysAmerican Painter
Paulin JenotFrench
Alfred JensenGuatemalan/American Painter
Bill JensenAmerican
Christian Albrecht JensenDanish Painter
Johan Laurentz JensenDanish Painter
Olav Christopher JenssenNorwegian Painter
Charles JervasIrish Painter
JessAmerican Painter
Robert JessupAmerican Painter
Lisa JevbrattSwedish/American Digital Artist
William JewettAmerican Painter
Byun Shi JiKorean Painter
Jia YoufuChinese
Jiang FengChinese
Jiang TingxiChinese Painter
Sugimura JiheiJapanese Printmaker
Luis JimenezAmerican Sculptor
Luis Jimenez ArandaSpanish Painter
Jin ShangyiChinese
Nathaniel JocelynAmerican Painter
Antoine JohannotFrench Painter
Viggo JohansenDanish Painter
Augustus JohnBritish Painter
Gwen JohnBritish Painter
Jasper JohnsAmerican Painter/Sculptor
Charles Edward JohnsonEnglish Painter
Cornelius JohnsonFlemish/English Painter
David JohnsonAmerican Painter
Eastman JohnsonAmerican Painter
Frank Tenney JohnsonAmerican Painter
Isabelle JohnsonAmerican
Joshua JohnsonAfrican-American Artist
Lester JohnsonAmerican Painter
Philip JohnsonAmerican Architect
Raymond JohnsonAmerican
Sargent Claude JohnsonAfrican-American Sculptor
William H. JohnsonAfrican-American Painter
J. Seward Johnson Jr.American Sculptor
Frank JohnstonCanadian Painter
John JohnstonAmerican Painter
Ynez JohnstonAmerican
Antonio JoliItalian Painter
Nicolas-Rene JollainFrench Painter
Joan JonasAmerican Performance Artist
Louis Paul JonasHungarian/American Sculptor
Allen JonesBritish Artist
Ben JonesAfrican-American Installation Artist
Bradley JonesAmerican Painter
David JonesBritish Writer/Painter
Fay JonesAmerican Painter
Francis Coates JonesAmerican
George JonesBritish Painter
Hugh Bolton JonesAmerican Painter
Inigo JonesEnglish Architect
Joe JonesAmerican Painter
Lois Mailou JonesAfrican-American Painter
Luther JonesAfrican-American Sculptor
Mildred JonesAmerican
Nell Choate JonesAmerican Painter
Owen JonesBritish Architect/Designer
Thomas JonesWelsh Painter
William JonesBritish Painter
Ludolf Leendertsz. de JonghDutch Painter
Jacques JonghelinckFlemish Sculptor
Johan Barthold JongkindDutch Painter
Raymond JonsonAmerican Painter
Asgrimur JonssonIcelandic Painter
Michael JooAmerican Installation Artist
Joos van WassenhoveNetherlandish Painter
Jacob JordaensFlemish Painter
Samuel JordanAmerican
Asger JornDanish Painter
Ernst JosephsonSwedish Painter
JosetsuJapanese Painter
Richard Joslin
Jacques de la Joue IIFrench Painter
Matthew Harris JouettAmerican Painter
Jean JouvenetFrench Painter
George William JoyBritish Painter
Juan de FlandesNetherlandish/Spanish Painter
Juan de HerreraSpanish Architect
Juan de JuniFrench/Spanish Sculptor
Juan de ParejaSpanish Painter
Juan de VillanuevaSpanish Architect
Juan de JuanesSpanish Painter
Luis JuarezMexican Painter
Roberto JuarezAmerican Painter
Donald JuddAmerican Sculptor
William Lees JudsonEnglish/American Painter
Jens JuelDanish Painter
Mervin JulesAmerican
Henri JulienCanadian Painter
Isaac JulienBritish
Pierre JulienFrench Sculptor
Julia JumboNative American
Filippo JuvarraItalian Architect

Notes on the alphabetizing of names on this site: Following common practice, Italian "place" names (containing -da- , -di- or -della -, for example) are generally listed under the artist's first name (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci is under "L"). We have attempted to list Asian artists under their family name, although they may be written as last-name-first-name or Westernized as first-name-last-name. Extremely well-known artists are generally listed under their familiar names (e.g. Rembrandt, van Gogh). All other names are generally listed under the last word in the artist's name.

A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs. Raffaello Sanzio, etc.


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