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Italo ScangaItalian/American
Rolph ScarlettCanadian/American Painter
Salvatore ScarpittaAmerican Painter
ScarsellinoItalian Painter
Francesco ScavulloAmerican Photographer
Christian SchadGerman Painter
Johann Gottfried SchadowGerman Sculptor
Wilhelm von SchadowGerman Painter
Judith SchaechterAmerican Stained Glass Artist
Carl SchaeferCanadian Painter
Henry Thomas SchaferBritish Painter/Sculptor
Martin SchaffnerGerman Painter
Godfried SchalckenDutch Painter
Morton Livingston SchambergAmerican Painter
Louis SchankerAmerican Painter/Printmaker
Miriam SchapiroCanadian/American Mixed Media Artist
Bernard P. SchardtAmerican
Kenny ScharfAmerican Painter
Edwin ScharffGerman Sculptor
Hans Leonhard SchaufeleinGerman Painter
Bartolomeo SchedoniItalian Painter
Ary SchefferDutch/French Painter
Lo ScheggiaItalian Painter
Hugo ScheiberHungarian Painter
Thomas ScheibitzGerman
Andreas SchelfhoutDutch Painter
Johann Eleazar SchenauGerman
Hermann SchererGerman
Francesco Maria SchiaffinoItalian Sculptor
Elsa SchiaparelliItalian/French Designer
Andrea SchiavoneItalian Painter
Egon SchieleAustrian Painter
Mario SchifanoItalian
Emil Jakob SchindlerAustrian Painter
Karl Friedrich SchinkelGerman Painter/Architect
Markus SchinwaldAustrian
Helene SchjerfbeckFinnish Painter
Oskar SchlemmerGerman Painter
Andreas SchluterGerman Sculptor
Julius SchmidtAmerican
Katherine SchmidtAmerican
Martin Johann SchmidtAustrian Painter
Karl Schmidt-RottluffGerman Painter
Ferdinand SchmutzerAustrian
Julian SchnabelAmerican Painter/Filmmaker
Carolee SchneemannAmerican Performance Artist
Bernhard SchneiderGerman/American Painter
Gary SchneiderSouth African Photographer
Gregor SchneiderGerman
Victor SchnetzFrench Painter
Julius Schnorr von CarolsfeldGerman Painter
Fritz ScholderNative American Painter
Otto ScholdererGerman Painter
Johann Heinrich SchonfeldGerman Painter
Martin SchongauerGerman Painter
Ben SchonzeitAmerican Painter
Jan SchoonhovenDutch
Frank E. SchoonoverAmerican Illustrator
Floris van SchootenDutch Painter
Henri-Frederic SchopinFrench Painter
Julius SchraderGerman Painter
Karl SchragGerman/American
Viktor SchreckengostAmerican Designer
Adolf SchreyerGerman Painter
Lothar SchreyerGerman
Charles SchreyvogelAmerican Painter
Georg SchrimpfGerman Painter
Dietrich SchroGerman Sculptor
Ferdinand Schuchardt Jr.American
Claude-Emile SchuffeneckerFrench Painter
Larry SchulteAmerican
Karl Max SchultheissGerman
Daniel SchultzPolish Painter
Ray SchultzeAmerican Sculptor
Charles M. SchulzAmerican Writer/Illustrator
Emil SchumacherGerman Painter
William SchumacherAmerican Painter
Jacob van SchuppenAustrian Painter
Christian SchusseleAmerican Painter
Donna Norine SchusterAmerican
John SchutlerAmerican
Thomas SchutteGerman Installation Artist
The Schuyler LimnerAmerican Painter
Carlos SchwabeGerman/Swiss Painter
Aubrey SchwartzAmerican Printmaker
Lester O. SchwartzAmerican
Heinrich Wilhelm SchweickhardtGerman Painter
C. Robert SchwiegerAmerican
Conrad SchwieringAmerican Painter
Moritz Von SchwindAustrian Painter
Kurt SchwittersGerman Painter/Sculptor
Toti ScialojaItalian Painter
Giuseppe ScolariItalian Painter/Printmaker
Jan van ScorelNetherlandish Painter
Sinibaldo ScorzaItalian Painter
Anna Page ScottAmerican
Bill ScottAmerican Painter
Frances ScottBritish Painter
John ScottAfrican-American Kinetic Artist
Joyce J. ScottAfrican-American Sculptor
Louise ScottAmerican/Canadian Painter
Mackay Hugh Baillie ScottBritish Designer/Architect
Mary ScottCanadian
Samuel ScottEnglish Painter
William ScottBritish Painter
William Bell ScottScottish Painter
William Edouard ScottAfrican-American Painter
Janet ScudderAmerican Sculptor
Sean ScullyIrish/American Painter
Diana ScultoriItalian Engraver

Notes on the alphabetizing of names on this site: Following common practice, Italian "place" names (containing -da- , -di- or -della -, for example) are generally listed under the artist's first name (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci is under "L"). We have attempted to list Asian artists under their family name, although they may be written as last-name-first-name or Westernized as first-name-last-name. Extremely well-known artists are generally listed under their familiar names (e.g. Rembrandt, van Gogh). All other names are generally listed under the last word in the artist's name.

A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs. Raffaello Sanzio, etc.


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