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Artist Names Beginning Beginning VI through VU

Claude ViallatFrench Painter
Alberto VianiItalian Sculptor
Jehan Georges VibertFrench Painter
Esteban VicenteSpanish/American Painter
Robert VickreyAmerican Painter
Jan VictorsDutch Painter
Maria Elena Vieira da SilvaPortuguese/French Painter
Joseph Marie VienFrench Painter
Romas ViesulasLithuanian/American Painter
Felipe VigarnySpanish Sculptor
Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-LebrunFrench Painter
Gustav VigelandNorwegian Sculptor
Jacopo VignaliItalian Painter
Jean VignaudFrench Painter
Il VignolaItalian Architect
Claude VignonFrench Painter
Jacques de la VillegleFrench Mixed Media Artist
Marie-Denise VillersFrench Painter
Jacques VillonFrench Painter
Francois-Andre VincentFrench Painter
Vincenzo di CatenaItalian Painter
David VinckboonsFlemish Painter
Vincent Laurensz van der VinneFlemish Painter
Frederic Porter VintonAmerican Painter
Bill ViolaAmerican Video Artist/Installation Artist
Gian Battista ViolaItalian Painter
Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-DucFrench Architect
Peter Vischer the ElderGerman Sculptor
Peter Vischer the YoungerGerman Sculptor
Eliseu ViscontiBrazilian Painter
Roman VishniacRussian Photographer
Ivan VishnyakovRussian Painter
Claes Jansz. VisscherDutch Printmaker
Carel VisserDutch Sculptor
Vitale da BolognaItalian Painter
Timoteo VitiItalian Painter
Alessandro VittoriaItalian Sculptor
Alvise VivariniItalian Painter
Antonio VivariniItalian Painter
Bartolomeo VivariniItalian Painter
Joseph VivienFrench Painter
Maurice de VlaminckFrench Painter
Simon de VliegerDutch Painter
Hendrik Cornelisz van der VlietDutch Painter
Willem van der VlietDutch Painter
Ferdinand VoetFlemish Painter
Joseph VogelPolish/American
Jean-Louis VoilleFrench Painter
Pierre-Jacques VolaireFrench Painter
Konstantinos VolanakisGreek Painter
Douglas VolkAmerican Painter
F. Usher de VollAmerican Painter
Adolf Friedrich VollmerGerman Painter
Antoine VollonFrench Painter
Daniele da VolterraItalian Painter/Sculptor
Il VolterranoItalian Painter
Franz von DefreggerGerman Painter
Sir Hubert von HerkomerGerman/British Painter
Jan VonckDutch Painter
Jan C. VondrousCzech Engraver
Bessie Potter VonnohAmerican Sculptor
Robert VonnohAmerican Painter
Friedrich Vordemberge-GildewartGerman/Dutch Painter
Lucas Vorsterman the ElderDutch Engraver
Cornelis de VosFlemish Painter
Martin de VosFlemish Painter
Paul de VosFlemish Painter
Simon de VosFlemish Painter
Daniel VosmaerDutch Painter
Paul VossAmerican Sculptor
Wolf VostellGerman
Aubin VouetFrench Painter
Simon VouetFrench Painter
Peter VoulkosAmerican Ceramicist
Charles Francis Annesley VoyseyEnglish Designer
Bastiaen VrancxFlemish Painter
Hans Vredeman de VriesDutch Painter
Jacobus VrelDutch Painter
Willem VrelantNetherlandish Manuscript Illuminator
Abraham de VriesDutch Painter
Adriaen de VriesDutch Sculptor
Roelof van VriesDutch Painter
Cornelis VroomDutch Painter
Hendrick Cornelisz. VroomDutch Painter
Mikhail VrubelRussian Painter
Edouard VuillardFrench Painter

Notes on the alphabetizing of names on this site: Following common practice, Italian "place" names (containing -da- , -di- or -della -, for example) are generally listed under the artist's first name (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci is under "L"). We have attempted to list Asian artists under their family name, although they may be written as last-name-first-name or Westernized as first-name-last-name. Extremely well-known artists are generally listed under their familiar names (e.g. Rembrandt, van Gogh). All other names are generally listed under the last word in the artist's name.

A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs. Raffaello Sanzio, etc.


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