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Wikimedia Commons - works by Bernardo Bellotto

Wikimedia Commons is a central repository for free images, music, sound & video clips run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

I am unable to offer legal advice on copyright issues, but from the Wikimedia Commons FAQ it seems clear that personal or educational use should be fine as long as the source is credited (I recommend crediting both Wikimedia Commons and the source indicated on the image information page).

These are high-resolution images from The Yorck Project, publishers of the 2002 DVD 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (10,000 Masterpieces of Painting).
Der Hof der Steinmetzen, 1720-30    Image size: 260K
Il Canale Grande, ca.1730-1750    Image size: 430K
Il Canale Grande, ca.1730-1750    Image size: 319K
La Piazzetta, ca.1730-1750    Image size: 376K
La Piazzetta, Detail, ca.1730-1750    Image size: 919K
La Piazzetta, Detail, ca.1730-1750    Image size: 836K
ll Canal Grande, ca.1730-1750    Image size: 313K
Eton College, 1746-54    Image size: 213K
Canal Grande, Detail    Image size: 188K
Der Bucentaur vor dem Dogenpalast    Image size: 897K
Hafenbecken von San Marco    Image size: 442K
Hof der Steinmetzwerkstatt    Image size: 558K
Il Canale Grande a San Vio    Image size: 482K
Innenhof des Schloßes von Warwick    Image size: 396K
La Festa di San Rocco    Image size: 635K
La Piazza San Marco    Image size: 590K
Piazza San Marco    Image size: 485K
Piazzetta in Venedig    Image size: 367K
Santa Maria della Salute    Image size: 736K


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