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Wikimedia Commons - works by Francesco Guardi

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I am unable to offer legal advice on copyright issues, but from the Wikimedia Commons FAQ it seems clear that personal or educational use should be fine as long as the source is credited (I recommend crediting both Wikimedia Commons and the source indicated on the image information page).

These are high-resolution images from The Yorck Project, publishers of the 2002 DVD 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (10,000 Masterpieces of Painting).
Papst Pius VI. empfängt den Dogen    Image size: 1,297K
Heiliger in Verzückung, ca.1738    Image size: 865K
Segnender Hl. Nicolaus, 1745-1750    Image size: 869K
Allegorie der Hoffnung, 1747    Image size: 700K
Capriccio, 1750    Image size: 677K
Schiffe im Meeresgewitter, 1765-1770    Image size: 1,000K
Cappriccio mit Pyramide, ca.1780    Image size: 121K
Venezianisches Galakonzert, 1782    Image size: 386K
Aufstieg eines Luftballons, 1784    Image size: 474K
Cappriccio    Image size: 407K
Capriccio    Image size: 797K
Capriccio    Image size: 817K
Capriccio an den Ufern der Lagune    Image size: 781K
Der Laubengang    Image size: 669K
Dogenpalast in Venedig    Image size: 359K
Kreuzgang in Venedig    Image size: 439K
Laubengang am Ufer eines Flusses    Image size: 428K
L'Isola di San Giorgio    Image size: 580K
Piazza San Marco    Image size: 353K
Piazza San Marco    Image size: 929K
Santa Maria della Salute    Image size: 241K
Veduta fantastica    Image size: 750K
Venezianische Vedute    Image size: 632K


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