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Wikimedia Commons - works by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

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I am unable to offer legal advice on copyright issues, but from the Wikimedia Commons FAQ it seems clear that personal or educational use should be fine as long as the source is credited (I recommend crediting both Wikimedia Commons and the source indicated on the image information page).

These are high-resolution images from The Yorck Project, publishers of the 2002 DVD 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (10,000 Masterpieces of Painting).
Dog-Car (Der Einspänner), 1880    Image size: 614K
Femme de Maison, ca.1880-1890    Image size: 350K
Zwei Mädchen, ca.1880-1890    Image size: 581K
Der junge Routy in Céleyran, 1882    Image size: 773K
Die dicke Marie, 1884    Image size: 667K
Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887    Image size: 1,381K
Die Wäscherin, 1889    Image size: 457K
Im Moulin de la Galette, 1889    Image size: 851K
Ball im Moulin Rouge, 1890    Image size: 579K
Im Moulin-Rouge, ca.1890    Image size: 373K
Frau im Garten, 1891    Image size: 487K
Divan Japonais, Plakat, 1892-1893    Image size: 1,061K
Reine de Joie, Plakat, 1892    Image size: 706K
Zwei Mädchen im Bett, 1892    Image size: 724K
Der Diwan, 1893    Image size: 449K
Im Speisesaal des Bordells, 1893    Image size: 507K
Jane Avril, 1893    Image size: 236K
Monsieur Boileau, 1893    Image size: 160K
Bewohnerin eines Freudenhauses, 1894    Image size: 1,177K
Das Sofa, 1894    Image size: 549K
Die beiden Freundinnen, 1894    Image size: 249K
Maurischer Tanz, 1895    Image size: 1,113K
Napoléon, 1895    Image size: 212K
Portrait of Oscar Wilde, 1895    Image size: 135K
Die Toilette, Detail, 1896    Image size: 535K
Maxim Dethomas, 1896    Image size: 506K
Ruhendes Modell, 1896    Image size: 459K
Die Bar, 1898    Image size: 823K
Madame Poupoule bei der Toilette, 1898    Image size: 1,074K
Im »Rat Mort«, 1899-1900    Image size: 695K
Jane Avril, 1899    Image size: 131K
Messalina, 1900    Image size: 132K


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