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Featured Online Exhibits

May, 1999

Please Change Beliefs, by Jenny Holzer
Jenny Holzer is a sloganeer, a conceptual artist whose art is in her subversive aphorisms and the way that she communicates them at the audience.
Please Change Beliefs is a project built for the World Wide Web which consists of several sections (be prepared to explore a bit to figure out how it works and how to navigate the site). It's notable in that few artists of Holzer's stature have created works for the Web. It was done in association with äda'web, an experimental site now sponsored by the Walker Art Center.
There is a nod to interactivity in that you can take Holzer's truisms and "improve" them or replace them with your own. Unfortunately, this doesn't modify the basic exhibit, but simply adds the new slogans to a list which can be viewed separately.

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