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Abstract Expressionism

Centered in New York City, 1946 to 1960's

Abstract Expressionism is a type of art in which the artist expresses himself purely through the use of form and color. It non-representational, or non-objective, art, which means that there are no actual objects represented.
Now considered to be the first American artistic movement of international importance, the term was originally used to describe the work of Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky.

The movement can be more or less divided into two groups: Action Painting, typified by artists such as Pollock, de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Philip Guston, stressed the physical action involved in painting; Color Field Painting, practiced by Mark Rothko and Kenneth Noland, among others, was primarily concerned with exploring the effects of pure color on a canvas.

Chronological Listing of Abstract Expressionists
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Hans Hofmann 1880-1966 German/American Painter
Mark Tobey 1890-1976 American Painter
Alma Thomas 1891-1978 African-American Painter
Louise Nevelson 1899-1988 Russian/American Sculptor
Jack Tworkov 1900-1982 Polish/American Painter
Adja Yunkers 1900-1983 Latvian/American Painter
Mary Callery 1903-1977 American Sculptor
Adolph Gottlieb 1903-1974 American Painter
Alfred Jensen 1903-1981 Guatemalan/American Painter
Seymour Lipton 1903-1986 American Sculptor
Mark Rothko 1903-1970 Latvian/American Painter
Aaron Siskind 1903-1991 American Photographer
Esteban Vicente 1903-2001 Spanish/American Painter
Willem de Kooning 1904-1997 Dutch/American Painter
Jose de Rivera 1904-1985 American Sculptor
Arshile Gorky 1904-1948 Armenian/American Painter
Balcomb Greene 1904-1990 American Painter
Gertrude Greene 1904-1956 American Painter
Isamu Noguchi 1904-1988 Japanese/American Sculptor
Clyfford Still 1904-1980 American Painter
John Ferren 1905-1970 American Painter
Barnett Newman 1905-1970 American Painter
James Brooks 1906-1992 American Painter
Herbert Ferber 1906-1991 American Sculptor
David Smith 1906-1965 American Sculptor
Albert Kotin 1907-1980 Russian/American Painter
Perle Fine 1908-1988 American Painter
Lee Krasner 1908-1984 American Painter
George McNeil 1908-1995 American Painter
Jack Bush 1909-1977 Canadian Painter
Enrico Donati 1909-2008 American Painter
Norman Lewis 1909-1979 African-American Painter
Morris Graves 1910-2001 American Painter/Sculptor
Franz Kline 1910-1962 American Painter
Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010 French/American Sculptor
William Baziotes 1912-1963 American Painter
Morris Louis 1912-1962 American Painter
Roberto Matta 1912-2002 Chilean/French Painter
Jackson Pollock 1912-1956 American Painter
Lawrence Calcagno 1913-1993 American Painter
Philip Guston 1913-1980 Canadian/American Painter
Ibram Lassaw 1913-2003 American Sculptor
Conrad Marca-Relli 1913-2000 American Painter
Ad Reinhardt 1913-1967 American Painter
William Scott 1913-1989 British Painter
Alberto Burri 1915-1995 Italian Painter
Edward Dugmore 1915-1996 American Painter
Robert Motherwell 1915-1991 American Painter
Elmer Bischoff 1916-1991 American Painter
Alfonso Ossorio 1916-1990 Filipino/American Painter
Richard Pousette-Dart 1916-1992 American Painter
Nicolas Carone 1917-2010 American Painter/Sculptor
Stephen Greene 1917-1999 American Painter
David Hare 1917-1992 American Sculptor
Milton Resnick 1917-2004 Russian/American Painter
Elaine Fried de Kooning 1918-1989 American Painter
Cleve Gray 1918-2004 American Painter
Edward Corbett 1919-1971 American Painter
Lester Johnson 1919-2010 American Painter
George Morrison 1919-2000 Native American Painter/Sculptor
Gene Davis 1920-1985 American Painter
Karel Appel 1921-2006 Dutch Painter
Norman Bluhm 1921-1999 American Painter
Nell Blaine 1922-1996 American Painter
Robert de Niro Sr. 1922-1993 American Painter
Grace Hartigan 1922-2008 American Painter
Jules Olitski 1922-2007 Ukrainian/American Painter
Theodoros Stamos 1922-1997 American Painter
Sam Francis 1923-1994 American Painter
Paul Jenkins 1923-2012 American Painter
Jean Paul Riopelle 1923-2002 Canadian Painter
Richard Stankiewicz 1923-1983 American Assemblage Artist
Antoni Tapies 1923-2012 Spanish Painter
Kenneth Noland 1924-2010 American Painter
Joan Mitchell 1926-1992 American Painter
Helen Frankenthaler 1928-2011 American Painter
Al Held 1928-2005 American Painter
Rita Letendre Born 1928 Native Canadian Painter
Cy Twombly 1928-2011 American Painter
Jasper Johns Born 1930 American Painter/Sculptor
Raphael Collazo 1943-1990 American Painter
Joseph Marioni Born 1943 American Painter



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