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Folk Art

Folk Art is art which does not come out of the fine art tradition. Folk Artists are typically from rural or pre-industrial societies, and are more closely related to craftsmen than they are to fine artists.
Folk Art is characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not employed.
Closely related terms are Outsider Art, Self-Taught Art and Naive Art.

Well-known Folk Artists include the American painters Grandma Moses and Edward Hicks, and the Canadian painter Maud Lewis.

Chronological Listing of Folk Artists
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Joshua Johnson 1763-1824 African-American
Rufus Hathaway 1770-1822 American
Eunice Pinney 1770-1849 American
Edward Hicks 1780-1849 American
Ammi Phillips 1788-1865 American
Milton W. Hopkins 1789-1844 American
Erastus Salisbury Field 1805-1900 American
C.C.A. Christensen 1832-1912 Danish/American
Alfred Wallis 1855-1942 English
Bill Traylor 1856-1949 African-American
John Kane 1860-1934 Scottish/American
Grandma Moses 1860-1961 American
William Edmondson 1870-1951 African-American
Clementine Hunter 1887-1988 African-American
Horace Pippin 1888-1946 African-American
Minnie Evans 1892-1987 African-American
Earl Cunningham 1893-1977 American
James Castle 1900-1977 American
George T. Lopez 1900-1993 American
Maud Lewis 1903-1970 Canadian
Doris Lee 1905-1983 American
Arch Williams 1906-1985 Canadian
Felipe Archuleta 1910-1991 American
Howard Finster 1916-2001 American
Thornton Dial Sr. Born 1928 African-American



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