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Photorealism is a movement which began in the late 1960's, in which scenes are painted in a style closely resembling photographs. The subject matter is frequently banal and without particular interest; the true subject of a photorealist work is the way in which we interpret photographs and paintings in order to create an internal representation of the scene depicted.

The leading members of the Photorealist movement are Richard Estes and Chuck Close. Estes specializes in street scenes with elaborate reflections in window-glass; Close does enormous portraits of usually expressionless faces. Other photorealists also typically specialize in one particular subject: horses, trucks, diners, etc.
Chronological Listing of Photorealists
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John Kacere 1920-1999 American Painter 
Duane Hanson 1925-1996 American Sculptor 
Ralph Goings Born 1928 American Painter 
Audrey Flack Born 1931 American Painter/Sculptor 
Malcolm Morley Born 1931 British/American Painter/Sculptor 
Robert Bechtle Born 1932 American Painter 
Richard Estes Born 1932 American Painter 
Idelle Weber Born 1932 American Painter 
Richard McLean Born 1934 American Painter 
Charles Bell 1935-1995 American Painter 
Robert Cottingham Born 1935 American Painter 
Carolyn Brady Born 1937 American Painter 
Ron Kleemann Born 1937 American Painter 
John Salt Born 1937 British Painter 
John Baeder Born 1938 American Painter 
Tom Blackwell Born 1938 American Painter 
Chuck Close Born 1940 American Painter 
Brendan Neiland Born 1941 British Painter 
Ben Schonzeit Born 1942 American Painter 
Don Eddy Born 1944 American Painter 
Ian Hornak 1944-2002 American Painter 
Davis Cone Born 1950 American Painter 
James Torlakson Born 1951 American Painter 
Richard Phillips Born 1963 American Painter 



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